Tammy Slaton debuts a fresh new look in 2023 as she shares her new hair color, acrylic nails, and surgery with her fans.

The TLC star’s weight-loss journey has been well-documented on 1000-lb Sisters. Tammy and her sister, Amy Slaton-Halterman, have been appearing on their own show since 2020.

While Tammy has spent time in rehab facilities in order to get her weight under control, fans have also seen Amy become a mother and more recently Amy is reportedly divorcing her husband, Michael Halterman, in 2023.

Tammy was approved for surgery

During 1000-lb Sisters in 2023, Tammy Slaton was finally approved for weight loss surgery.

Speaking to Dr Eric Smith said that Tammy’s hard work had paid off. Tammy’s brother, Chris Combs, said that she had been on a “30-year journey” to get approved for surgery.

Tammy has previously said on the show that she thinks she was “big from birth,” after looking at younger photos of herself.

Misty shouted: “We’re gonna get you a strong bikini sis,” after hearing the good news of Tammy getting approved for bariatric surgery.

Tammy almost lost her life eight months prior to being approved for weight loss surgery. She said on the TLC show that she feels that she’s a “walking miracle.”

1000-lb Sisters star debuts new look with red hair

Taking to Instagram in 2023, Tammy is sporting a brand new hair-do.

Rather than her usual blonde locks, the TLC star opted for a fiery red color this time around.

Tammy took to the ‘gram to share a video of herself with new red curly hair, she paired some heart-shaped black sunglasses with her hair to complete the look.

The 1000-lb Sisters often get creative with their hair colors as Amy Slaton has also sported blue hair during the TLC show.

Tammy gets her nails done by Amanda

Since getting the news that she’s been approved for bariatric surgery, it appears that Tammy Slaton is going all out to reinvent herself with a new look.

Taking to TikTok, Tammy shared a fresh set of acrylic nails that she had done.

She thanked her sister, Amanda Halterman, for doing her nails for her.

Tammy opted for sparkly silver-colored square-tip nails which complement her gleaming engagement ring shown in the video.


@amandahalterman0 thank you for doing my nails

♬ original sound – Brooke Seachris🐸👽


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