Tammy Slaton ditched her wheelchair to debut her transformational weight loss and go for a fun day out with her girls, including sister Amy Slaton, friend Chelcie Lynn, and others. So what happened to Tammy?

TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton became committed more than ever to stick to her weight loss in 2022 through to 2023. Now, fans are asking what happened to her as she ditches her wheelchair to hang with Chelcie Lynn.

She dropped hundreds of pounds after facing a health scare. After being told that her family was planning her funeral for fear of her obesity getting worse, Tammy decided enough was enough and changed her whole lifestyle.

Tammy gets rid of her wheelchair

Tammy made 1000-lb Sisters fans proud when she stood and walked for pictures with her best friends. For years, she has been navigating life in a wheelchair but has now lost enough weight to stand without support.

A Reddit thread discussing that she isn’t in her wheelchair for most of the pictures shows just how proud longtime viewers feel. One fan said, “Good for Tammy! She’s actually standing there with no frame and no trach.”

Another penned: “And she’s standing!! Way to go Tammy.” The TLC star also featured in a TikTok video where she does sit in a wheelchair but the standing pictures are the first that she has been seen without one.

She has girls’ day out with Chelcie Lynn

Tammy gave fans the crossover they have been waiting for when she posed during a girls’ day out. She spent the day taking pictures and making TikToks with Chelcie Lynn, known as ‘Trailer Trash Tammy’, as well as her sister Amy Slaton.

Known as Wilson Girl, their friend Maggie was also invited to the fun day out, as well as Paige Ginn. Many noticed that Tammy looks a lot shorter than her sister Amy in the pictures as the group of girls hugged and bonded.

It appears to be the first time the girls had met each other. “Two of my favorite worlds collide! I love them and I love y’all! I bet it was so fun meeting each other!” penned a fan of the Slaton sisters.

What happened to Tammy in 2023?

Tammy has officially lost enough weight and had bariatric surgery before 2023. Now, she’s living her best life without needing a trach and wheelchair for constant support to stand, breathe and walk.

Overall, she has lost 300 lb (136 kg) since she began her weight loss journey. During 1000-lb Sisters season 4, Tammy was told she needed to drop from 717 lb to 550 lb in order to qualify for surgery. And she did it!

In the finale of season 3, which aired in January 2022, Tammy’s brother, Chris Combs, revealed that she had already lost 115 lb. Since then, she has continued to drop the pounds.

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