1000-lb Sisters star Tammy can be seen lip-syncing ‘mind your business’ in her latest TikTok, as she uses a popular sound that also says she’ll be ‘out’ this Summer. The video comes after ‘split’ rumors have been circulating between Tammy Slaton and her husband Caleb Willingham.

Fans of the TLC show 1000-lb Sisters have seen both Tammy and her sister Amy Slaton as they go through their weight loss journey, as well as their personal journey. Last season, Tammy and Caleb wed on the show, but rumors have since been circulating of a possible split between the two.

We take a look at Tammy Slaton‘s latest TikTok and what’s going on with those rumors.

Tammy Slaton and husband Caleb looking into each others eyes
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Tammy Slaton lip-syncs ‘mind your business’ in latest TikTok

In her latest TikTok video, Tammy can be seen mouthing along to a sound that says “mind your business,” and if the sound is anything to go by, it looks like she’s in for a fun summer ahead.

The sound in the TikTok states: “If you see me out with my t***** sagging this summer, mind your business. “It’s hot and a b***** is obese. So I’m gonna be out.”

The message comes after split rumors between her and Caleb Willingham have been circulating for months, although Tammy Slaton has not publically commented on these.

The 1000-lb seemingly shut down rumors a few weeks back, as she was seen with her wedding ring, and Caleb’s Facebook relationship status said he was still married.

However, at the time of writing, Caleb’s Facebook states ‘no relationship info to show.’

Fans question Tammy’s diet

Recently, Tammy took to Instagram to post a picture of her with a diet Coke bottle, alongside the caption: “L O L diet sodie ambassador.”

Although, some didn’t see the funny side, as they questioned Tammy’s diet choices.

“Remember diet sodies do not cancel out the sugar,” said one.

Another penned: “Noooo!!! No carbonation…. Please try to stop… you’re doing so good.”

However, others were quick to stick up for the TLC star:

“Oh Good Lawd, get off her back! It’s none of our business! She’s at least up losing weight, moving around, walking…TAMMY, YOU LOOK MAHVAHLOUS DAHLING!”

Another wrote: “Leave Tammy alone Karens… she can have a damn diet soda. Did she say somewhere that she drinks this all day or every day?? No.”

Amy and Tammy enjoy a girls’ night out

It seems like Amy and Tammy have already been enjoying themselves before summer begins, as they were spotted on a night out a few weeks ago. Tammy could be seen walking without a wheelchair, as she lost enough weight to stand without support.

Joining the sisters on their night out was Chelcie Lynn and their friend Maggie, known as ‘Wilson Girl.’ The gang spent the day making TikTok content as fans were loving the two worlds colliding.

Taking to her Instagram, sister Amy wrote: “Had a blast last night. totally embarrassed myself but it was fun. Now to go pick up my boys.. can’t wait to see my new friends again we love y’all!!!”

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