Tammy Slaton as a baby was revealed on 1000-lb Sisters when the cast member showed pictures of her as a young baby. She admitted she was “big from birth” which soon led fans to compare the pics to how she looks now.

As Tammy Slaton embarks on her most successful weight loss journey so far, she decided to take a trip down memory lane to revisit how she looked as a young girl. A photo of her as a teenager and as a child was shown in a confessional.

The star explained to the cameras: “Life threw me some obstacles, the lord knows that.” She also showed viewers a sweet photo of herself as a child with long, curly hair and a white T-shirt with her name on it.

Tammy Slaton as a baby

Tammy doesn’t often share pictures of her as a baby but shared a photo of her as a teenager, and as a younger girl. Her mother had told her she had to buy adult clothes to fit her daughter at the ages of two and three.

TLC created an online photo album of Tammy and her sister Amy as teenagers and young children, where they look very identifiable. Tammy sported a short fringe as a teenager and had a t-shirt with her name on it!

Tammy started comfort eating when she was 11 years old, shortly after her grandmother died. She had treated her like she was just like everybody else. She was definitely more glam and would often try out different hairstyles.

She was ‘big from birth’ as a young child

Tammy revealed that she was “always big” and told cameras in a 1000-lb Sisters confessional:

I mean, I was always big, I was big from birth. Mom keeps saying, when I was like, 2 and 3, she would have to buy adult clothes just to fit me. Like, that would cut the pants down, and just progressed. I got depressed and then it turned into a food addiction.

The 1000-lb Sisters star then said the “devil” tried to take her out, but she overcame the obstacles to get to where she needed to be now. Talking to her family, Tammy said: “The world has passed me by.”

Where Tammy from 1000-lb Sisters is now

***WARNING: 1000-lb Spoilers***

Tammy reportedly lost enough weight to get gastric bypass surgery in August 2022, The US Sun reports. She returned to rehab for two weeks to recover but decided to stay there for longer.

Her heaviest weight, 717lb, aired on 1000-lb Sisters season 4 before she burst into tears at the scale numbers. Since then, though, Tammy has been undergoing an extreme weight-loss journey and looks significantly different.

Tammy is reportedly standing and walking. She told fans she wished she “could talk about all the stuff going on” with her weight but couldn’t spill any updates while the show is airing on TV.

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