Tammy Slaton’s proposal had 1000-lb Sisters fans emotional over the fact that she found love with Caleb Willingham.

After years of battling with her weight, Tammy is approved for weight loss during 1000-lb Sisters season 4.

She and her sister, Amy Slaton, have risen to reality TV stardom as the 1000-lb Sisters.

As the seasons play out, fans are being introduced to more and more of the Halterman and Slaton family members including the ladies’ brother, Chris Combs.

Tonnes of TLC viewers are huge fans of the Slaton sisters’ brother with many saying that Chris has a “soothing voice.”

Tammy is a married woman

In November 2022, Tammy Slaton got married to Caleb Willingham.

Now her love story is playing out on 1000-lb Sisters and fans can’t get enough.

Amy Slaton is splitting from her husband, Michael Halterman, in 2023.

But, it seems that Tammy is enjoying being a newlywed during season 4.

Tammy Slaton’s proposal

The moment that Caleb proposed to Tammy was captured during filming of 1000-lb Sisters.

An exclusive clip from People shows the moment that the two got engaged and Tammy was left speechless when Caleb popped the question.

Tammy is officially Mrs Willingham nowadays, but the positive events in her love life in 2022 are now airing in March 2023 on the TLC show.

TLC star is turning her life around

As well as getting engaged, being approved for weight loss surgery, and getting married, Tammy is sporting a new look on social media in 2023.

Caleb said that the two are hoping to potentially have kids in the future. Tammy added that life was “already great” after she and Caleb got engaged.

The TLC star took to Instagram to share a new red hair color with her fans. She also shared on TikTok that her sister, Amanda Halterman, had done her nails for her.


@amandahalterman0 thank you for doing my nails

♬ original sound – Brooke Seachris🐸👽


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