Chantel Everett is being questioned by fans after the premiere episode of The Family Chantel’s latest season, from curiosity around a potential nose job to whether she’s gone under the knife or not.

The TLC star’s entire life has been filmed for the screen, including her relationship with Pedro Jimeno and her close relationship with her parents and siblings, such as Winter Everett who recently underwent weight loss surgery.

So when questions came up about why she looks so different this season, it’s no wonder that fans were confused she hadn’t shared any plastic surgery updates already. We delved into whether she’s had any recent procedures.

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Fans think Chantel looks different

When the first episode of The Family Chantel‘s latest season aired on June 6th, viewers instantly noted that Chantel looks different. Most fans thought she had gotten a nose job or breast implants since getting Botox.

It wasn’t just Chantel but also her sister that viewers reacted to. One wrote: “Oh, so Winter and Chantel are aspiring to be the new Darcey and Stacey with their 90 Day Fiancés and international surgery?”

Another said: “Don’t you just love how Chantel didn’t have any of her many surgeries on the show? Winter recorded her weight loss surgery for all to see!!”

“Chantel got her lips done this season?! They look good though”, reacted a viewer on Twitter.

Chantel Everett’s plastic surgery

Chantel revealed that she got Botox in her forehead during the previous season of The Family Chantel. However, her beau Pedro Jimeno shut down rumors about her getting breast implants by feeling her body.

“That’s real guys, OK?” Pedro said. “You think breast implants are going to do this? Look, that’s made in USA, OK?” That was before Chantel went on to inform viewers that she only got Botox because she doesn’t want frown lines.

However, Pedro had been unaware that she’d undergone the procedure at all. He told his wife:

Wow. I feel betrayed. How dare you not tell me? I put my hands in the fire for you! I say that you are natural and now you have Botox. That’s why your forehead was bigger.

Chantel hasn’t confirmed getting any other plastic surgery so far, despite several fans questioning why she looks os different compared to the previous season. Reality Titbit has contacted her for comment.

Before and after: Her transformation

Since getting Botox, Chantel’s forehead looks bigger, according to her husband Pedro, and smoother. Her nose, on the other hand, has the same appearance since last season. The angle of cameras may have made it look different, though.

Most stars on The Family Chantel are open about surgery, from Winter’s gastric sleeve to the younger sister of Pedro Jimeno – Nicole – going ahead with her dream to have breast augmentation surgery.

Chantel has specifically stated that she’s not had any surgery done on her body, but was open about getting laser hair removal done, as shared in an Instagram video. Now 31 years old, she has naturally changed since the first season.



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