You may recognise Nicole Jimeno for her appearances on reality TV show The Family Chantel. The programme follows the life of Chantel Everett, Pedro Jimeno and their families as they navigate an intercultural marriage.

TLC has labelled it the first sequel series to 90 Day Fiance. Nicole plays a key role in the show – and it’s pure drama. She is the sister of leading man Pedro.

Fans already know Chantel rakes in a pretty penny from her role as lead cast member but how much does Nicole make? Reality Titbit looks at the entertainer’s net worth and more.

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Fire of Love | Trailer | National Geographic

Fire of Love | Trailer | National Geographic
Nicole Jimeno. Picture: Lydia and Nicole GO OFF on Pedro! | The Family Chantel

Nicole Jimeno’s net worth

Before the show began, Nicole had a very normal life – and she still has. Aside from her appearance on The Family Chantel, she is a “normal” girl.

Informationcradle estimates Nicole has a net worth of $10,000. The star is still only young and already has a bright future ahead of her, so that number is surely set to soar?

Aside from making the most of wages for appearing in the show, Jimeno did have a career as a model and pageant queen in the mid-2000s so probably made some of her cash then. Nicole was named Miss Earth Dominican Republic in 2016.

Nicole on The Family Chantel

Nicole ended up turning to showbiz when her brother Pedro fell in love with American girl Chantel and he ended up coming to the US on a K1 visa.

The couple started off on 90 Day Fiance in 2016 and Nicole – his sister – ended up being part of the show. Their storyline was so entertaining and loved by TLC it led to their own spin-off, The Family Chantel.

Chantel and Nicole didn’t like each other

It was clear for audiences to see that Chantel and her boyfriend’s sister didn’t like each other from the start – which wasn’t good for the family but provided great entertainment for us.

Nicole even advised Pedro to break up with Nicole, which didn’t go down well. Nicole also tried to set her brother up with another girl when the couple were going through a difficult time and Pedro had gone to the Dominican Republic.

However, it seems Chantel and Pedro’s bond is unbreakable and the couple remain together to this day.

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