Where the Sweet Home Sextuplets are now after Waldrops stopped letting cameras in


Where the Sweet Home Sextuplets are now after Waldrops stopped letting cameras in

In 2017, Courtney and Eric Waldrop found out they would soon be having Sextuplets. The pair, already parents to three children definitely had a lot on their hands! And even more so when TLC decided to document their journey.

The channel, known for filming unique real life stories, followed the Waldrops for three seasons, before the family decided to call it quits. 

After a year off cameras, fans are still eager to know what the family are up to. Lucky for us, Mum of the Waldrop pack, Courtney shares the family’s antics on Instagram. Her account ‘gods_divine_nine’ has over 500 thousand followers. Courtney frequently updates followers with pictures and highlights of her nine kids so fans can continue to watch them grow.

But where are they now?

A lot can change in a year, especially for the Waldrop family. All nine kids are growing up fast! The six youngest children are all healthy, and can all swim! Courtney has shared multiple videos on Instagram of their swimming progress. In a long Instagram caption she said “I’m so so proud of them I could cry!!”.

The eldest child Saylor is now 13 and has just had his braces taken off and twins Bridge and Wales are now 10! Based on Courtney’s instagram, it seems like nobody can grasp just how fast the children are growing.

As for the parents, in June of this year Courtney told followers the two were celebrating 26 years of marriage together. The video montage shows their beautiful long life together and many fans gushed over their relationship in the comments. There’s nothing like having nine children to pull you closer together.

Though fans are eager for a new season of the show the family are continuing life as normal off camera. Enjoying time in their family home in Alabama, and working on making it the best place for their children.

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