Darcey and Georgi have had a rocky relationship so far, and viewers are wondering if they have ended for good…

Darcey & Stacey season 3 is currently airing on TLC, with all the latest drama from the Silva sisters. Darcey and Stacey are best known for featuring on 90 Day Fiance, where Stacey met her match, Florian.

Although Darcey didn’t meet hers on the show, she has since fallen in love with Bulgarian masseur Georgi Rusev. Since we’ve seen all the highs and lows of their relationship on the TLC show, it’s only right that we explore how their relationship is going in 2022.

Darcey & Stacey | First Look Season 2

Darcey & Stacey | First Look Season 2

Are Darcey and Georgi still together?

During season 3 of Darcey & Stacey, Georgi and Darcey are still together, however, this was filmed during 2021 and we all know a lot can change with the sisters in just a matter of time.

In the latest episode, we saw Georgi propose to Darcey, but fans will have to wait until next week to find out whether she said yes or no. From what Reality Tibit has gathered, the TLC stars are still together in 2022.

Georgi is determined to make up for his mistakes to Darcey, and he set up a romantic dinner for their engagement, which included Aspen and Aniko so they could be there as a family.

This isn’t the first time Georgi has proposed

As we previously mentioned, Georgi and Darcey’s relationship hasn’t been the most smooth sailing so far.

The pair were previously engaged in 2020, after just four months together. However, this didn’t end well as Darcey felt that too many secrets had been kept from her to go ahead with the wedding planning.

This is due to Georgi’s secret about still being married to his ex-wife Octavia Bellinger. They later split after Darcey learned more information from Octavia during lunch, where Octavia told her that she once found a sugar mama website on Georgi’s laptop.

Although fans thought they were over for good, the reality TV stars surprised us once again, as we saw them reunite in season 3 of Darcey and Stacey.

Darcey’s family are worried about Georgi’s intentions

As Darcey has made her fame and fortune from being a reality TV star, it is difficult for her to know what potential lovers’ true intentions are.

Stacey, Aspen, and Aniko have all expressed their concerns about Georgi on the TLC show. During a conversation with their friend, Michael Benz, Stacey said that Darcey: “pays for everything, she pays for the rent, takes him shopping, buys them food”.

However, viewers of the show have been quick to defend Darcey and Georgi, saying that Stacey is letting the same situation happen to her with Florian. One viewer said: “Stacey is doing the same thing with Florian in her relationship. Florian does not have a job or money and you want a 5k/month apartment”.

Aniko and Aspen are also concerned their mother is being used for her wealth, and when they asked Georgi if he was in it for the money, he responded: “I’d never be in it for the money, I was working two, three jobs since I’ve been in the United States. You know, worked my ass off”.



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