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TLC's Shauna Rae is adamant she will eventually go to college

TLC’s newest budding reality star, Shauna Rae, has made quite the impact on fans since the launch of her very own show, I am Shauna Rae. The 22-year-old stuck in an eight-year-old body has been trying to navigate her way through life whilst battling the pressure of the outside world.

Though she struggles, that has not stopped her from having big dreams and aspirations like the rest of us. Shauna just wants to be ‘normal’ and hopes that college will be on the cards for her sometime in the future.

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Writing With Fire | Official Trailer | PBS

Writing With Fire | Official Trailer | PBS
Shauna Rae. Picture: Shauna Goes on a Blind Date! | I Am Shauna Rae

Did Shauna Rae go to college?

Shauna has not been to college…yet. Due to her trying condition, Shauna didn’t go to college at the standard and expected age like a lot of us but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to go.

Shauna has expressed throughout the show that she is determined to go to college and she wants to study to become a vet.

During the show, she candidly admits her fears and worries as to why she is yet to go and says she thinks her 3 foot 10 inches of height caused by pituitary dwarfism may hold her back.

Shauna faces many adversities on a day to day basis and worries that this will only be heightened if she attends college.

Shauna’s fans couldn’t be more supportive

Since hearing her college dreams on the show, her fans have been nothing but supportive and encouraging of the young girls’ dreams.

Many fans have been trying to comfort her by pointing out that college is different to high school and people at college will be a lot more understanding and kind about her condition.

A supportive fan said via Twitter,

I don’t know what it feels like to be Shauna but her disability is her height people would receive her a lot better in college than people with other disabilities…it isn’t high school it’s a different crowd I’m sure she’d be just fine. #IAmShaunaRae


Other fans also think the show will help provide her with many opportunities in life and made a point of saying that she doesn’t understand how many people she genuinely inspires.

Shauna’s fears stem from highschool

The biggest thing holding Shauna back from reaching her dreams are traumas that have stemmed from her experiences at high school.

Her time at high school was when she started to notice that she was different to most people. During an interview with People, Shauna said,

It wasn’t until junior high [and]high school that it actually took an effect on my mental health

Shauna Rae, People

Shauna continued to mention how this was also the time that she was told by doctors that she would never grow any taller than 3 foot 11 inches which seriously affected her mental health.

It was a very trying time for me; it was probably the lowest point in my life because I had always imagined myself to be tall.

Shauna Rae, People



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