Too Large on TLC: Where is Meghan now? Updates on her weight loss journey!

Fans of TLC’s Too Large have been following Meghan’s weight loss journey – rallying her on after she said that she “didn’t feel comfortable” in her own skin.

Read on to get up to speed on Meghan’s journey.

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Who is Meghan from Too Large?

Meghan Crumpler appeared on Too Large with her best friend, Vanessa Cross. The two have been close friends since junior high and, now, they’re looking to lose weight together.

Meghan weighed 496 lbs and, although mobile, she needed an oxygen tank to breathe.

The 42-year-old is looking to release herself from the oxygen tank by losing a goal weight of 20lbs, explaining: “I’m sitting on the sidelines, looking at people’s pictures – going on vacations, running down the beach, having kids, and living life – and I’m sitting at home on a stool and can’t breathe.”

What is Meghan up to now?

In a teaser trailer, Meghan can be seen partaking in home workouts in order to lose enough weight to have surgery with Dr. Procter. Due to her weight restraints, the exercises have been modified and primarily work from a stationary position – for example, crunches on the couch.

Crumpler was also made to avoid fast food.

Although Meghan was slightly worried that she wouldn’t be able to achieve enough weight loss for surgery, she seems to be doing pretty good!

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According to Meghan’s personal Instagram, she seems to be doing well! She regularly posts selfies and promo images for Too Large, along with pictures of her significant other.

According to a video from TLC, Meghan met her current partner around 10 years ago, following a bad marriage that she describes as “abusive”.

Meghan’s Instagram also features a story highlight, titled ‘Learning2LoveMe’ – we’d call that self-esteem progress!

Other weight-loss transformations from Dr. Procter

If you think that Dr. Procter sounds familiar to you – you’re likely right!

Dr. Charles Procter also treated Amy and Tammy Slaton from 1000-LB Sisters. Together, the pair weighed over half a ton when the pilot aired!

Amy was able to lose weight and qualified for bariatric surgery. Though, despite doctor’s warning against it, Amy became pregnant with her son and delivered in the season 2 finale of the show.

Too Large airs on Discovery Plus.

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