Zach Roloff has been getting busy at their home, having built a whole new bridge all by himself. His wife Tori made a joke about how she wishes he was as obsessed with her as the woodwork he’s been working with.

Following the explosive farm drama with Matt Roloff, Tori and her husband Zach moved to their own Washington home, worth almost $1M, which has four bedrooms and three bathrooms for their family-of-five.

As a result of the move, Zach has been getting his renovation skills in check by building a new bridge for the garden. Now complete, Tori had their son Jackson whip out the phone camera and film her making a hilarious joke.

Tori shares joke about Zach

Tori took to Instagram on August 18th to jokily share a video of her lying on a bridge recently made by Zach. She said: “POV [point of view]: Me pretending to be a bridge so my husband will obsess over me.”

She asked her followers what object they have to be, AKA something their partners are obsessed with. Tori even had her young son Jackson film the entire video, which saw Zach standing by the side of the bridge and laughing.

Within the comments, a fan asked if Zach built the bridge, to which Tori got serious and responded: “He did!!! So proud of him!!” So putting all the humor aside, the mom-of-three is pretty happy with her hubby’s woodwork skills.

LPBW viewers call Tori ‘hilarious’

Tori’s Instagram reel received over 54K likes in one day, and is flooded with hilarious comments from wives all over who relate to Zach being obsessed with a section of the house.

One follower wrote: “This is amazing and I’m also laughing picturing Jackson filming this 😂.”

Another penned: “Tori, you’re hilarious 🤣 My hubs is the same, except it’s the garden instead of a bridge.”

“😂😂😂😂 Epic. Wife. Move. 😂😂😂😂,” commented a LPBW fan.

Inside Tori and Zach’s new home

Tori and Zach, along with their three children, now live in Battle Ground, Washington after moving from Oregon. Based on a two-acre lot, the couple purchased their new house for $944,000, according to the listing on

The home was built in 2018 and stretches to 3,353 square feet. From an open-concept floor plan and large kitchen with an island, to a wooden fireplace and heated floors, the family-of-five seem incredibly happy living there!

“We’re excited for this new adventure, and I’m really excited about the location, the yard,” Zach said on the Season 23 episode titled Battle Ground. He added that he want to plant fruit trees and buy chickens for the home’s chicken coop.



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