Tori Roloff exploding with pride as Jackson confidently walks into kindergarten


Tori Roloff exploding with pride as Jackson confidently walks into kindergarten

Jackson Roloff is officially in kindergarten, and he walked into his first day without an inch of hesitation – it’s filled parents Tori and Zach full of pride!

Tori and Zach welcomed their firstborn Jackson on May 12, 2017, and we’ve watched him grow up in front of our very eyes, so we’re feeling a little emotional that he’s ready for kindergarten.

Now five years old, Jackson was ecstatic for his first day of school yesterday. Although, proud mom Tori was missing him after just two hours.

Tori shares cute snaps of Jackson Roloff starting kindergarten

Screenshot from official TLC YouTube channel – Zach and Tori Explain Why They’re Leaving Oregon | Little People, Big World

The five-year-old has come a long way with his health journey, but he’s thankfully well enough to attend school. Jackson was born with dwarfism but was “blessed” with no significant health complications. He suffered a couple of ear infections, which are common in dwarfism.

In November 2021, however, Jackson underwent major surgery to correct the bowing in his legs. The then-four-year-old powered through like a trooper, and we’re sure he’ll be doing the same with school.

“This kid makes my heart swell with pride,” Tori captioned the sweet photos to mark the milestone.

“He walked into his first day of school as confident as ever!

“He is so sure of himself and I love how he owns a room!”

Grandmother Amy complimented his smart first-day attire: “Oh my gosh. What a handsome grandson.”

“We hope he had the BEST DAY EVER!” wrote fellow TLC reality family The Johnstons.

He was most excited to play with legos – how adorable!

Tori slams internet troll criticizing her full-time mom job

Tori’s proud Instagram upload came just two days after the 31-year-old hit back at haters who allegedly claimed “being a stay-at-home mom isn’t a real job”.

Although Jackson now leaves the house for a few hours each day, Tori still has her hands full with a toddler and baby. Daughter Lilah Ray made them a family of four in November 2019 and her second son Josiah Luke was born on April 30, 2022.

Earlier this month, Tori felt mom guilt for feeling overwhelmed with “work stuff” and cleaning the house, leaving her less quality time with her three kids and husband.



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