Tori Roloff gushes about baby Josiah 'completing' the family after 'rough day'
Screenshot from TLC's YouTube Channel: Tori Spills the Beans to Zach on Baby Number 3! | Little People, Big World

Tori Roloff gushes about baby Josiah 'completing' the family after 'rough day'

Little People, Big World stars Tori and Zach Roloff say even the toughest of days can be brightened up by their three beautiful kids. And after a particularly rough one, Tori gushed about how her youngest son Josiah “completed” their gorgeous family that keeps her “spoiled” with love.

Being in the spotlight for over a decade whilst managing a family of five hasn’t been easy for Tori. The family is constantly making happy memories together, but they keep things real by sharing their downs as well as their ups on social media.

Tori isn’t against sharing the occasional downside with her army of supportive followers.

Overstimulated and touched out

On August 8, the 31-year-old took to her Instagram stories to share a message with her 1.8 million followers. Though the reality star tends to share the positive side of her life on social media, there are times when she gets honest about her “rough days”.

Adding an image of her second youngest child, Jackson, Tori got candid about her current feelings – especially when it comes to spending the most time with her children.

She began writing: “I hate when the day starts out great (I went to the gym and got coffee alone) but I just felt overstimulated all day long. I had a lot of work stuff to get gone today and felt overwhelmed with that and cleaning out house”.

Tori continued: “And then I felt like I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted with my kids or my husband.”

Adding another image of Jackson, she revealed that the five-year-old made a “red choice” and missed out on playing and having fun with his father, Zach.

Sharing her strife, she added: “To top it all off… I’m pretty sure our dishwasher is broken.

“It’s all small stuff but it adds up. All of us moms get overstimulated and touched out. Not sure why I’m writing this, but hopefully it’s to let you know you’re not alone!”

Spoiled by his love

A day later, things looked brighter for Tori – all thanks to Baby Josiah. On August 9, the TLC spoiled her millions of Instagram fans with three adorable snaps of the little one.

She wrote in her caption: “My sweet little si si talker smiley boy. I love this kid. I love how much this kid has started to interact with us. He is all smiles (almost) all the time.”

Revealing joining “each stage so much more with Josiah”, the 31-year-old said that the four-month-old baby has “completed” the family.

Tori concluded: “We all are so spoiled by his love. And I seriously am obsessed with watching Jackson and Lilah with him.”

As every month Tori shares a picture of the growth of her kids, it was natural for the reality star to get a little emotional about her youngest child.

Baby Josiah’s cuteness overload

Ever since the family welcomed Baby Josiah into the world, fans have not stopped talking about the cuteness overload and the “baby fever feels”.

As fans reacted to Tori’s sweet images, many couldn’t help but gush over the little one and his quirky smile.

One fan wrote: “Little man is growing so fast. Looks like he is all personality.”

A second one wrote: “How cute!! You can just see his personality developing.”

Another one followed: “This fella always seems to have a lot to say.”

Many fans agreed on two words to describe him: “Sweet baby.”



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