Tori Roloff 'so proud' of baby Josiah as she gives update on adorable infant


Tori Roloff 'so proud' of baby Josiah as she gives update on adorable infant

Tori Roloff celebrated the two months since baby Josiah was welcomed into the world by sharing an adorable picture of him. Josiah, whom their parents call ‘Si’, has grown a lot in just a matter of weeks.

After the Little People Big World couple announced the family suffered a terrible miscarriage, the reality TV stars told later fans they were expecting another baby. Following Jackson and Lilah, the family of four became five after Tori Roloff gave birth to Josiah days before her 32nd birthday.

Celebrating the second month after Josiah’s birth, the couple has uploaded a picture of the baby and Tori gave an update on the baby’s progress and his first steps at recognising family faces.

Josiah turns two months old

On June 30, Tori and Zack Roloff celebrated their newborn son, Josiah Luke, turning two months old. Just like the couple did last month, Tori uploaded a photo of baby Josiah laying down on the bed as he posed next to the 12-month calendar circling the second month.

Josiah is proving to be one easy-going kid and we all love him so much! Both Jackson and Lilah are so obsessed with helping him and I have loved watching the three of them interact! 🤍”, Tori wrote in the Instagram caption to her 1.8 million Instagram followers.

She continued: “Josiah is almost 12 pounds! 🤯 He does not miss a meal! 🍼 He is starting to smile and recognize faces 🤪 He LOVES bath time 🛁 Josiah also seems to enjoy car rides! 🚙.

The mum-of-three also shared that, unlike any other babies, the little one doesn’t like sleeping more than three hours or having a dirty diaper.

He went from 24th percentile in weight to 94th!! So proud of the way this kid is growing! 🤍 Love you Si Si!,” the 32-year-old added.

Josiah Luke was born on April 30, 2022, four days before the celebration of Tori’s 32nd birthday. As per the couple’s announcement of the birth of their son, she described it to be “the best early birthday present a mama could ask for”.

First looks – “He literally has Matt’s face”

The fans of the Bravo couple have already decided Josiah is the spitting image of his paternal grandfather, 60-year-old Matt Roloff.

While Jackson is said to look like his mother, and Lilah like her father, the fans agreed that Josiah doesn’t look like their parents, but resembles his grandpa Matt.

“He looks a lot like his grandpa, Matt,” a fan wrote. A second one penned: “So cute! He looks like Matt! 😂🥰🥰.”

Other fans also thought that the two-month-old looked like his father Matt: “He is Definitely Zach’s mini-me! So cute❤️.”

How many children do Tori and Zack have?

In addition to baby Josiah, the Little People Big World favourites are proud parents of another two children, Jackson Kyle, and Lilah Ray.

While Tori is of average height, her three children, as well as her husband Zach, were born with achondroplasia, which is the most common form of dwarfism.

Tori and Zach revealed the couple was expecting a child last March 2021. However, the two announced the heartbreaking news the reality star had lost the baby during the sixth week of her pregnancy.

Sharing the news to her fans via Instagram, Tori revealed: “I’ve honestly never felt loss like I did at that moment. I’ve never felt so sad, angry, and scared in a single moment. I had no symptoms of losing out sweet angel baby and nothing could have prepared me for hearing our sweet baby was gone.

Months later, Tori announced in November that she and Zach were pregnant, and “rainbow baby” number three was on the way.

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