Tori Roloff has detailed a recent frightening alleged car burglary on her Instagram Story, admitting she felt “so violated” over the crime. Thankfully, her three children weren’t present at the time.

The Little People, Big World star has told fans how she was the victim of a car break-in. The mother-of-three revealed the ordeal and shared photos via her Instagram Stories on Monday (September 19). Tori was in Vancouver, Washington for a salon appointment when her vehicle’s window was smashed.

The reality star was unharmed and her kids were not with her at the time – though her wallet suffered a bit of damage to replace the window.

Tori Roloff warns fans of car burglary

Tori and Zach Roloff speaking in Little People, Big World confessional
Screenshot from official TLC YouTube channel – Lilah’s 2nd Birthday Party! | Little People, Big World

“Why do people suck so bad?!” the TLC star captioned a photo of her passenger seat covered with shattered glass. “Everyone is safe. Someone really wanted an empty wallet. I’m so glad I was alone and my kids weren’t with me.”

The 31-year-old noted that she typically doesn’t leave “stuff out” in her car, but “didn’t realize” her wallet was visible, making her vehicle an easy target.

She later updated that her wallet was found, though her diaper bag was stolen.

“Thank you for everyone who has reached out and wished I was ok,” she told fans in one video. “I was not in my car, I was getting my hair done. I was nowhere near my car, thank goodness. But I just felt so violated and just icky; it was just the worst feeling coming out to my car like that.”

“And whoever did that was so dumb, there was nothing. There was nothing in the wallet that was sitting there, and we immediately called our banks to have our cards shut off,” Tori continued.

It cost her $400 to replace the glass, but the good news is that the reality star is uninjured. “Gosh if you’re in Vancouver, be careful, people are the worst!”

The Roloff’s reside in Battle Ground, Washington, about 16 miles away from Vancouver.

Tori felt mom guilt with her busy schedule

Followers will feel the star’s relief that Lilah, Jackson and Josiah were not at the scene. Tori would’ve been worried sick as Little People, Big World fans know how devoted she is as a mother.

With three kids and her photography career to juggle, the TLC star admitted she felt ‘mom guilt’ for neglecting family time in favor of chores.

She previously has said: “I had a lot of work stuff to get done today and felt overwhelmed with that and cleaning our house.”

“And then I felt like I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted to with my kids or husband,” she candidly told fans on Instagram.

With Jackson now attending kindergarten, the busy mom has more time on her hands, but there’s just one problem – she’s distracted by how much she misses him instead.

Although busy with their big family, Tori and Zach still feature on the show with the family after moving away.



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