What did Ethan Plath's mom Kim do? Inside Welcome to Plathville drama
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What did Ethan Plath's mom Kim do? Inside Welcome to Plathville drama

With the return of Welcome to Plathville, season three also brings with it the return of family drama, such as Ethan’s feud with his mom.

The large, conservative family are known for their unusually rural lifestyle and strict parenting. In the newest series, which returned on 24th August, we see eldest son Ethan struggling to cope with his mother’s way of life.

As tensions rise and family relationships become more strained, what exactly happened between Ethan and mom Kim, to hinder their bond?

Who is Ethan Plath?

The eldest son of the Plath parents Kim and Barry, Ethan is 23 as of 14th May 2021.

With a passion for classic cars, Ethan can often be spotted posing next to – or standing on the bonnet of – several classic cars featured on his Instagram.

Married to Olivia Marie Plath, a travel wedding and elopement photographer, the pair wed in October 2018 and live in their own house, separate from the rest of the Plath family.

Ethan and his mom’s relationship

In season three’s second episode, which aired on Tuesday 31st August, eldest son Ethan can be seen unhappy with the idea that his mom is taking control of bringing his younger siblings around to see him.

In a preview clip posted to TLC’s Instagram page, we can see Ethan distressed as he wants to see his siblings, but on his terms and not his mother’s.

Ethan says:

I don’t want that lady on my property… my mom really expects everyone else to just bend over for whatever she wants and she will not do the same for you, that’s one of the big reasons I don’t communicate with her.

The feud between mother and son started in the first season of the show in 2019. Mother Kim resented Olivia, believing she was coming between her and her children – a situation where Ethan chose to side with his wife.

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Ethan’s relationship with his family

Besides having had little contact over the past few years with his parents, Ethan appears to continue having bonds with his younger siblings.

In season three we can see that Ethan, although not seeing them often, does have contact and communication with his brothers and sisters.

Although there are no photos of his family on his Instagram, Ethan does follow all of his siblings who have social media, perhaps keeping in contact with them virtually rather than face-to-face.



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