What does Deon Derrico do for a living? TLC star's job explored

When looking at the Derricos, one might wonder how the parents, Karen and Deon, are able to support 14 kids. 

Doubling Down With the Derricos launched to TLC on Tuesday, August 11th and introduced viewers to the busy family life of the Derricos.

At the start of the show, there are just 11 children, aged between 2 to 14, including quintuplets. Karen is pregnant with triplets in the first few episodes, raising their family total to 16. You’d think with giving birth to five children at once then three at once, there would be some kind of unnatural element, however Karen and Deon claim all of their pregnancies were natural. The super-sized family was not planned!

Inevitably, viewers have questions about what Deon and Karen do for a living when they’re not raising all of their kids. So, we’ve done some digging to find out about their jobs.

What does Deon Derrico do for a living?

According to Deon Derrico’s social media, he currently works as a real estate investor.

But Deon has had a full and varied career path. Deon has reportedly worked as a bus driver, and as the founder of an entertainment company, before entering the world of real estate.

Deon Derrico was cleared of real estate fraud charges which had been put forth in 2014. The alleged crimes were of forging homeowners’ signatures on deeds so he could obtain and then rent abandoned homes for a profit. Deon was cleared in April 2018 by a jury.


Deon was born in Detroit, Michigan but has since settled in Las Vegas, where he and Karen have raised their family. One report states that Deon was 43 in 2014, which would make Deon currently 49 years old.

Does Karen Derrico have a job?

Karen reportedly had a child care business in Las Vegas, but has since given that career path up. Instead, Karen now has the job of homeschooling all of the Derrico children. That’s practically going to be a whole class-full at this point!

Deon even said: “Many parents know with just one child, two children, it’s a job. But when you have soon-to-be 14, it’s a job.”  It would be nothing short of a miracle if both parents could be able to work and look after children from ages 0 – 14.

Karen is originally from Kingstree, South Carolina.

Meet the Derrico family

Here are the Derrico children, in age order

  • Darian, 14
  • Derrick, 9
  • Dallas and Denver, 8
  • Deniko, Darin, Deonee, Daician, and Daiten; 6
  • Diez and Dior, 3 – they had a triplet named Carter who passed away shortly after being born
  • Dawsyn, De’Aren, and Dyver – the newborn triplets





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