Ashley is a patient seeking help on TLC’s new show Dr Mercy. She has one of the worst cases of neurofibromatosis in the country, but can she be helped?

If you think the cases on Dr. Pimple Popper are shocking, Dr. Mercy is a brand new show premiering on TLC tonight (22nd of September 2021).

Chicago-based dermatologist, Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo will be the star of the show as she helps her patients beat all kinds of extraordinary skin cases.

We will gain an insight into how she runs her practice, as well as see her genuine personality and care for her patients.

Dr. Mercy: Who is Ashley?

Ashley is one of the patients appearing in the first episode of TLC’s Dr Mercy.

According to the show, she has one of the worst cases of neurofibromatosis in the country.

Neurofibromatosis is a genetic condition that causes you to grow tumours along your nerves. It is caused by a faulty NF1 gene, and this is what causes uncontrolled growths to develop in the nervous system.

Ashley’s story on Dr. Mercy

Ashley was desperate for mercy from Dr. Mercy.

Dr. Mercy described Ashley’s case “like a bunch of grapes where each grape has a little bit of a stalk that it attaches to”.

She also explains that, with neurofibromatosis, “pain is the number one reason why a lot of patients seek treatment”.

When she first saw the extent of Ashley’s skin, she said that it was the most extensive case of neurofibromatosis she had ever seen!

Although her body was covered in tumours, there was one that stood out most to Dr Mercy, which she refers to as “The Third Boob”.

Ashley told Dr Mercy that she wanted her to get rid of the “third boob” and some of the tumours on her face.

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What happened to Ashley on Dr Mercy?

As much as she wanted to get rid of all of Ashley’s tumours, this wasn’t possible, however, she did try to surgically remove as many as she could.

Ashley was extremely nervous about the treatment but also excited to see the outcome.

As the episode has not aired yet, we can’t fully see Ashley’s results post-surgery, but we have spotted a spoiler in the trailer…

During the trailer, we see Dr Mercy successfully remove Ashley’s ‘third boob’, along with many of the tumours on her face, and we couldn’t be happier for her!

Dr Mercy’s wish for each patient is to make them feel beautiful, and she has definitely succeeded with this one.

Here’s a sneak peek of Ashley’s story ahead of tonight’s episode!

The "Third Boob" | Dr. Mercy

Ashley's body is covered in thousands of painful grape-sized tumors 😳 Can Dr. Mercy help alleviate her pain? Tune in to the series premiere of #DrMercy, TOMORROW at 9/8c!

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