Where is Hosanna Plath on Welcome to Plathville? Updates on sibling!
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Where is Hosanna Plath on Welcome to Plathville? Updates on sibling!

Season 3 of Welcome To Plathville returned to screens on 24th August, the show welcomes back its large family cast – without Hosanna.

The parents of the Plathville clan, Kim and Barry along with eight of their nine children, are sharing their lives on a rural farm in Georgia.

However, the religious, conservative family will not be joined by the eldest daughter Hosanna Plath, who has only ever appeared in very small cameos.

With Hosanna once again not set to return to the family for season 3, fans are beginning to wonder, where is she?

Who is Hosanna Plath?

The eldest daughter of Kim and Barry, Hosanna turned 22 in August 2021.

Now known as Hosanna Noble, she tied the knot with her husband Timothy in June 2019. It is thought they have a child together.

As Hosanna is a violinist and Timothy is a singer and pianist, the couple now tours the country as a musical duo.

They hold concerts at churches and other special events where they perform gospel and worship songs.

Why is Hosanna not featured on the show?

Since marrying her husband Timothy, the pair now live together in their own home, separate from the rest of the family.

Whilst the Plath’s rural location is in Georgia, Hosanna and Timothy reside in Ohio, an 11-hour travel distance by car.

As well as the obvious difficulty in filming when living so far apart, due to Hosanna and Timothy’s nature of work constantly travelling, the idea of being in one location to film an entire series would just not be feasible.

Hosanna’s relationship with the Plath family

As Hosanna has no social media and her family never post with her, we’re unsure of quite how strong Hosanna’s relationship may be with her family.

In interviews with the Plath family, Hosanna’s sister Moriah told Us Weekly that they “sometimes keep in touch”.

Brother Micah also spoke to Us Weekly and told them: “I’ve only seen her a couple of times since [they] got married in 2019”.

However, Micah did also explain that he was planning a road trip to go and see them. Due to the families sheltered lifestyle and many family members, Hosanna and her family are thought to have had some difficulty maintaining a close relationship.



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