Whitney Way Thore is officially back on our screens every Tuesday, sharing the ins and outs of her life on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. So when she was pictured holding a newborn, speculation about a ‘secret baby’ began swirling.

From her mother Babs having a health scare following a second stroke to continuing to date a Frenchman, Whitney’s new season of the series is filled with drama, emotion, and, on the contrary, several happy moments.

As a result of her ongoing relationship with a man she met online, as well as a picture she shared holding a baby, viewers are seriously confused. So did Whitney have a baby? and if not, who is the child spotted in her picture?

Whitney Way Thore holds a baby

Whitney has not confirmed giving birth but was pictured kissing a newborn on the head in June. She captioned the image: “Whose sweet baby is this?!” Of course, this left fans totally confused about whether she had a baby secretly.

However, the newborn is actually her friend Ashley Baynes’ baby, who was pregnant at the time of filming My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 10. At the same time, rumors among fans make sense as Whitney is trying to find a surrogate.

Whitney has been trying to have a baby, as seen in recent episodes. After learning that her friend Heather Sykes, who originally consented to be a surrogate, her doctor informed her that she was not a good choice.

She has had her eggs frozen, an action encouraged by Whitney’s current boyfriend, who has requested anonymity on the TLC show. Whitney said on the show in 2018 that she is unsure if she can have children due to PCOS.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans speculate

While most TLC viewers assumed the baby in Whitney‘s photo is her friend Ashley Baynes’ child, others think that the newborn could be the result of her successful fertility journey.

One fan wrote in the comments of the post, and penned to the reality TV personality: “Could be yours if the surrogacy went well???? Guess we have to watch the new season to find out???!!!!”

Most shared their hopes for the baby to be Whitney’s child, but other guesses include her personal trainer Jessica being the potential mother, who recently let cameras film her wedding to her husband Isaiah Martin.

Another simply said: “That’s Ashley’s new baby boy. So sweet!”

“I hope it is yours Whitney!❤️❤️❤️,” wrote a My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewer.

She is still dating her French boyfriend

As Whitney attempts to get pregnant, she is currently still in a relationship with a Frenchman. Her fertility journey comes several years after she had a false pregnancy in 2016, which was the result of her PCOS hormonal disease impacting fertility.

She recently discussed her boyfriend with ex Lennie to set the record straight. When her former boyfriend pointed out that it’s 2022, a baffled Whitney clarified that they aren’t in an open relationship.

The star has still kept her man’s identity a secret and is now planning to have a baby with him. Fans came to learn about Whitney’s French boyfriend in July 2021 when she shared a series of pictures on her Instagram.

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