Whitney Way Thore’s friend Ashley Baynes has given birth to a little one in real time, but My Big Fat Fabulous Life is currently airing her journey through pregnancy. So who is her baby daddy?

During filming, she was pregnant with her second baby. Juggling mom life alongside her job as a business services coordinator, Whitney has a boyfriend called Eric, who has never made an appearance on the TLC show.

The two of them have a daughter together, three-year-old Hadley, and have recently become a family-of-four with their new addition. Let’s get to know Ashley’s baby daddy as they welcome baby number two.

MBFFL star Ashley’s baby daddy

Ashley’s baby daddy is Eric Hadley. He is a father to two children with the MBFFL star, and also a fiance to Ashley. When Whitney helped hold Ashley’s leg during her first childbirth, Eric had decided he didn’t want to be on camera.

He drove Ashley to the hospital after her waters broke the first time, but he was asleep when it first happened. He let Whitney take the reins when it came to helping her deliver the baby. Whitney said:

Ashley’s boyfriend Eric is here and I’m sure this is all too much for him, and he didn’t want to be on camera. I’m sure he’s just like, ‘This is too much.’ Her boyfriend is with her and I don’t want to hover with her.

Whitney also gave the couple space. Ashley occasionally speaks about Eric, claiming that when she was told to give birth, she thought she had around an hour to chat with her other half.

Ashley and Eric’s timeline

Ashley and Eric have been together for over six years. He doesn’t want to be part of the TLC series, but during their relationship, made Whitney’s bestie his fiancee. They now live together as a family-of-four with two children.

When they welcomed their first child into the world, they were just boyfriend and girlfriend. Now that their eldest daughter Harper is three, this means they would have got engaged in the last few years.

They welcome baby no 2

Ashley and Eric’s new baby’s name is August Daniel Hadley, their first boy and second child together. Whitney was pictured with a newborn who many fans believe to be Ashley’s newest addition to their family.

The couple previously welcomed a baby girl named Harper on Season 5 of MBFFL. However, Eric was not present while cameras came out, which is when Whitney stepped in to visit and coach her friend during her birth.

Their little boy was born on May 24, 2022, weighed 7 pounds, 2.3 ounces, and measured 21 inches long.

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