Tammy Slaton has a husband in 2023. Caleb Willingham proposed to her last year and now fans get to see their romance play out on screen.

1000-lb Sisters season 4 is airing in 2023 and episode 9 sees Tammy reveal to her family that she’s engaged.

Her sister, Amy Slaton, is set to be Maid of Honor, but it isn’t all smooth sailing for the Slaton-Haltermans as the big day approaches.

Tammy’s sister has been tackling her own relationship issues in 2023 as Amy is reportedly divorcing her husband, Michael Halterman.

Tammy Slaton wears pink top on 1000-lb Sisters
Credit: TLC YouTube channel/1000-lb Sisters

Tammy Slaton has a husband

After many years of battling with her weight, Tammy Slaton was approved for weight loss surgery during 1000-lb Sisters season 4.

It has clearly been a huge year for Tammy as she also now has a husband.

She debuted a new look in 2023 and also bagged herself a wedding ring along the way.

Who is Caleb Willingham?

TLC star Tammy met her now-husband Caleb Willingham in a rehab facility.

After three weeks of knowing each other Caleb proposed. His proposal left Tammy speechless, but thankfully she said yes.

Two weeks later, Tammy and Caleb got officially married and her family members were in attendance.

Caleb has 4.4k friends on his Facebook page and appears to have a big family.

Caleb hails from Indiana

While 1000-lb Sisters stars Tammy and Amy hail from Kentucky, Caleb lives around four hours from there.

He hails from Evansville, Indiana. Caleb is also friends on Facebook with other TLC stars such as Meghan Crumpler from 1000-lb Best Friends.

Caleb and Tammy met in a rehab facility in Ohio, which is many miles from both of their hometowns.

The two have been married since November 2022.


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