TLC series Sister Wives has shocked the millions of viewers who have been following Kody Brown‘s romantic life for the past 17 seasons. Married by paper and ‘spiritually’, the Brown family tree has increased throughout the years – but who is Dayton Brown from Sister Wives?

If you thought Keeping Up With The Kardashians was hard, the Brown family might be on their way to taking over their spot as the largest reality TV family.

Sister Wives follows polygamist Kody Brown and his four wives: Christine, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn. Altogether, they have a total of 18 children, biological and adopted.

But, who is Dayton Brown? Let’s find out more about Robyn’s eldest son.

Who is Dayton Brown from Sister Wives?

Born on January 16, 2000, Dayton Preston Brown is the eldest child of Robyn Brown and her ex-husband, David Jessop.

His parents divorced in 2007, but her mother later found love with Kody Brown who was in a polygamist relationship with another three women.

Following his mother’s marriage to Kody, Dayton began to appear regularly on the TLC series. However, he began to be absent in recent seasons.

Dayton was diagnosed with Aspergers, an autism spectrum in second grade. The 23-year-old is currently a student at Northern Arizona University pursuing a degree in Marketing.

Compared to his other siblings, Dayton also doesn’t live with his parents. He now resides in an RV outside Kody and Robyn’s home.

Robyn’s marriage to Kody Brown

Picture of Kody in a suit with a blue shirt and Robyn Brown in a blue long sleeve top both smiling at the camera
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On May 22, 2010, Robyn spiritually married Kody Brown. At the time, he was married to Meri and ‘spiritually’ linked to Janelle and Christine.

Kody and Robyn meet at a friend’s house, where she was introduced as his friend’s cousin. They didn’t make their relationship official after four months when he introduced her to his other wives.

One year after making their romance official and Robyn joining the polygamy lifestyle, she welcomed their first child.

In order to adopt Robyn’s children from her previous marriage, the reality star then divorced Meri to marry his “favorite” wife. The two tied the knot in December 2014.

The pair are now parents of five children, two of which are biological of their own: Solomon and Ariella.

Robyn has been labeled, both by fans and the Sister Wives as Kody’s favorite wife.

Who is Dayton’s biological father?

Before Robyn tied the knot with Robyn, the reality star was in a long-term relationship with her former husband, David Preston Jessop.

The two met when Robyn was still a student, and things between the couple went at a fast pace after welcoming their first child, Dayton.

Together, they have three children: Dayton, Aurora Alice, and Breanna Rose. However, after seven years together, Robyn filed for divorce over claims of domestic abuse.

Since the couple officially separated, David has been out of the spotlight and their three children have now been adopted by her current husband, Kody.


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