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Who is Shauna Rae, the 22-year-old in a child's body?

TLC’s newest addition I Am Shauna Rae stars Shauna Rae herself, as she lets audiences in on her life journey as a 22-year-old in a child’s body. Get to know who Shauna is and what it is like to live life in an eight-year old’s body.

‘I Am ShaunaRae’ features Shauna Rae who at first glance may you like your average eight-year-old girl. However, she is actually 22 years old and has experienced something doctors never expected to happen, her body won’t allow her to grow taller.

The show will give audiences an insight into what life is like in an eight-year-old body. Before you watch it, let’s get to know her and what to expect from the show.

Who is Shauna Rae?

Shauna was diagnosed with brain cancer at 6 months old and had to undergo chemotherapy which stopped her pituitary gland from working properly. This means her growth was stunted and at just three feet and ten inches she stopped growing.

In her TLC show, she explains how people often tell her that no children are welcome when she goes into bars, gyms and tattoo parlours. Her mum also says in the trailer that she feels guilty that her daughter will have to deal with these struggles forever.

She is currently single but is entering the dating scene, and has even experienced going on a blind date. When she told her date how old she was he thought he was being punked. Then when he realised she was telling the truth, they had a great date and went axe throwing. Although, she has had some dating struggles in the past as she says that she attracts a lot of “creeps a**holes, and idiots.”

In the series, her parents also plan to create an outhouse for her but it is debated whether this will give her the independence she needs. Many of her friends believe that she is ready to fly the nest and get a place of her own but her parents would prefer to keep a closer eye on her for safety.

What is I am Shauna Rae about?

‘I am Shauna Rae’ follows 22 years old who acts like most other people in their early 20’s, she dates, vapes and drinks. Although the difference is, Shauna Rae is trapped inside a child’s body which makes navigating life a lot trickier, this series will give insight into her daily struggles.

The summary of the show is as follows: “Diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, Shauna’s treatment allowed for remission, but resulted in a side effect no one predicted: she stopped growing.”

‘I am Shauna Rae’ premieres on January 11th on TLC.

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