Little People Big World fans want to know why the Roloffs are fighting during season 24. The show is airing in 2022 and the dealings of Roloff Farms are playing out on screen.

Since the show was filmed earlier than the episodes are coming out, some people may already know what happened with Roloff Farms and whether it was sold.

However, other viewers are confused about why the Roloff family is feuding. Some of the family members are getting on better than others in season 24. So, let’s find out more.

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Little People Big World season 24

November 1, 2022 saw Little People Big World season 24 premiere. The 2022 season kicked off with the family in the midst of a feud due to the sale of part of Roloff Farms.

In particular, Matt and Caryn, and Zach and Tori are feeling the rift in the family.

The season also comes with highs in the form of baby number three arriving for Zach and Tori. However, there are also some lows when Matt has to deal with the passing of his father.

What happened with Roloff Farms?

In May 2022, Matt announced on Instagram he was putting 16 of the 108 acres of Roloff Farms up for sale. He wrote in his post: “My twin boys decided not to consider working together toward a possible joint sale.”

However, Zach had a different take on what happened with the negotiations of the farm.

Zach said of the negotiations: “The whole thing was weird… Just how he went about it was really upsetting.”

Per Matt’s October 2022 Instagram post, he’s now opting to rent out the part of the farm he’s not living in instead of selling it.

Why are the Roloffs fighting?

During Little People Big World season 24, fans are getting to see 2022 play out for the family. The family is fighting due to the farm negotiations. Zach made an offer on the 16 acres of the farm his father put up for sale, but it wasn’t accepted by Matt.

During the show, Zach said “no one cares any more” about the farm.

Amy said: “It’s nice to move on and pass this whole farm thing… I’m glad Zach and Tori have been able to do that. I think there will always be this lingering thing for quite some time about how this whole farm thing went down with his dad.”

Zach said during the season 24 trailer: “Everyone’s met Josiah [the new baby] but we don’t have plans for Caryn to meet Josiah. They still think they did nothing wrong.”

Despite there being rifts in the family, some of the Roloffs are getting on better in season 24. Caryn, Matt, Amy and Chris vacationed together, which shows the former spouses are friendlier than they have been in previous years.



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