Dr. Pimple Popper on TLC is known for its oozing, juicy zits, spots, and growths. The lady behind it all is Sandra Lee, a doctor who specializes in the dermatology industry and is no stranger to a massive pop.

The TLC series is not for the faint-hearted but is a popular time-passer for many who love the satisfaction that comes with popping a zit or watching pus leak out of a spot. And Dr. Sandra Lee is on that list – she even gets paid for it!

Her popular YouTube channel and social media videos are constantly being viewed, so it’s no wonder that her work even has its own show, which airs on TV every Wednesday night (perhaps eat your dinner before…)

We explored Dr. Pimple Popper’s juiciest zips ever – get ready to watch them pop in 3, 2, 1.

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Over 30 mins of belly steatosystomas

Dr. Pimple Popper shared a video of a belly of steatosystomas in 2023. Sandra Lee compared them to butter and uses her comedone extractor to gently press down and remove pus from them.

She made the extraction very casual by asking the patient whether they have any travel plans coming up, before discovering that the patient had little hairs near the steatosystomas.

A viewer wrote: “I cannot begin to tell Dr. Lee or any of you here on the comments how satisfying the steatocystoma removals are to me. Of course, the first pop and explosion of the cheesy stuff are epic.

“But for me, the absolute epitome of satisfaction is the removal of the sac.”

Award for ‘biggest blackhead’

Dr. Sandra Lee labeled this one as her biggest blackhead, which was paired with a juicy popping cyst. She extracted two massive, rock-hard dilated pore of winers from the client.

The blackhead came out all at once in the first pore of winer, but the second wasn’t extracted all in one piece. This left several viewers with a little less satisfaction than their liking.

One fan said: “On the second blackhead, was anyone else stressing because it wasn’t coming out all at once?”

Three hours for 60 removals

When a patient came in with over 500 steatocystomas all over her body, Dr. Sandra Lee spends three hours taking out 60 of them to improve her patient’s self-esteem. The bumps covered the client’s neck, chest, and groin area.

Dr. Sandra Lee said they are “true oil cysts”, which have oil glands that secrete oil into the area. She said they tend to appear during puberty but can burst under the skin and cause pain or scarring.

She revealed it is “very hard to squeeze” but that the tough part is how fast her hands work, due to the steatocystomas being tucked right into the skin. They were described as “little balls under there.”

Blackhead extractions galore

It’s not always massive cysts that Dr. Sandra Lee pops. Sometimes, she gets a whole flurry of blackheads, and she uses an extractor to keep going over them and get the gunk out.

She started her TV career by mainly just focusing on the smaller blackheads, just like in her YouTube video. You can actually buy the same extractor from Dr. Pimple Popper’s website (see link above).

One commenter wrote: “Some of them were like whack-a-mole.”

‘Pops’ celebration

One client called Pops had a series of blackheads all over his nose, which Dr. Sandra Lee labeled a “Pop’s celebration.” The client’s story is more than that though, as he received over $12,000 to help him rebuild his life after he lost his wife.

He shared his experience when he first appeared on Dr. Pimple Popper and contributed to a video that will be a zit-popping fanatic’s dream! Again, she used her comedone extractor to squeeze out any pus build-up.

The TLC doctor even gets behind his ear to extract some pus, and then returns to their nose to continue removing the gunk from the blackheads. Pops’ visit to Dr. Sandra Lee has quickly become a favorite for zit-popping fans.



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