Yve and Mohammed from 90 Day Fiancé are still married 

Yve and Mohammed from 90 Day Fiancé are still married 

90 Day Fiancé is a well known TLC reality show following couples who have applied for a K-1 visa and have 90 days to marry each other.

The premise of a quicky-wedding and couples supposedly looking for long-lasting love intrigues viewers. But the show has more success stories than you might initially think. 

That being said, international matrimony and cultural differences pose a big obstacle for the hopeful couples, and many controversial relationships have left viewers eager to know more. A perfect example of this is season 9’s Yve and Mohammed. 

Yve and Mohammed from together, from 90 Day Fiancé official YouTube account: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieWadyWtH7I&feature=youtu.be

Yve and Mohammed’s relationship. 

Yve and Mohammed first met after Mohammed slid into her instagram DMs. Intrigued by his ‘shredded six pack’. The 49-year-old American acupuncturist couldn’t resist having the 26-year-old Egyptian man in her life. 

But Mohammed soon became like another child for Yve. In a promotion video for the show, Mohammed claimed he wanted a wife like his mother, and in an episode from May 2022, it turns out he wasn’t lying. He claimed: “My perfect woman is a woman who will love me like my mother,” while waiting for Yve to make him breakfast. If Freud were alive, Mohammed would give him a lot to talk about. 

Though he’s half her age, Mohammed’s opinions aren’t fresh and his views on women combined with religious beliefs became a big threat to the couple’s relationship. 

The couple have had many debates over opposing views, specifically over Yve’s decision to wear a bikini. While driving her fiancé around, Mohammed yelled: “You’re going to be my wife. Are you going to choose a bikini over me?”

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Where are they now?

Much to fans’ surprise, it seems Yve and Mohammed are still together. The two were spotted at an airpot together on July and the snap has been shared over reddit. 

Yve has frequently posted Mohammed on her instagram, and Mohammed last shared a post of the pair on July 2.

Though the pair are still together, some viewers don’t seem to support their relationship with one reddit user commenting: “I was hoping they split before the 90 days was up” and another agreeing “they’d be so much happier with other people”.

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