Little People Big World is back with season 24 and the new episode shows Zach and Tori Roloff introducing their older kids Jackson and Lilah to their new born baby Josiah.

The TLC series has been a fan favorite since its debut in 2006. Fans have seen the Roloff family members go through a lot in these past 16 years.

While the show has seen its fair share of family spats and fights, there have also been heartwarming celebrations like weddings, childbirth, and more.

As season 24 begins Zach and Tori welcome their third baby Josiah.

Zach and Tori Roloff introduce kids to new baby Josiah

As Zach and Tori’s brood grows they were also nervous about their elder kids Jackson Kyle Roloff, 5, Lilah Ray Roloff soon to be 3, would react to the new baby.

In a promo clip from the show (posted on, we see the couple bringing their newborn home. “I’m definitely nervous,” Tori says in the confessional sitting next to Zach. She also recounted, “It didn’t go very well when we brought Lilah home from the hospital.”

They show a flashback of when Lilah was born and Jackson met his baby sister for the first time. The toddler remained at a distance simply watching his mum hold the newborn with no excitement.

However, this time around things went differently. Jackson and Lilah were home with their grandma Amy when Zach and Tori arrived with the adorable baby Josiah.

Both kids run towards their parents screaming and Jackson runs to his mum and gives her a hug. Lilah on the other hand goes straight to the baby. Jackson joins her too.

As the toddlers observe the baby Zach asks Jackson if he thinks its a boy or a girl. “Its a boy” the five-year-old. replies.

His name is Josiah Luke Roloff, Zach tells his kids.

The matriarch Amy too holds the newborn in her arms. Lilah brings a blanket for the baby as grandma Amy holds him.’

Zach and Tori discuss the meaning of the name Josiah

The parents discuss nicknames for the baby in another promo clip of Little People Big World’s season 24.

“My little dwarf tribe,” Zach says in the confessional and Amy laughs as the parents share the video shot right after Zach’s birth.

“You’re gonna call him Joe,” Tori asks discussing nicknames with Zach as she holds the baby in the hospital. Zach doesn’t like the name and Tori suggests “call him Si”?”

While Zach agrees to the nickname “Si,” Tori says she will call him Joe or Joe junior.

The pair tells in the confessional that if it was a girl they would have named her Nora May.

Tori reveals that they found out the biblical meaning of the name Josiah which is “God support and heals has healed.”

She expresses that it felt “perfect and very appropriate,” when they learned the meaning.

She discussed that Josiah’s birth became healing from her miscarriage.

How to watch Little People, Big World season 24?

Those who do not have regular cable services can still watch the TLC series via Philo or FuboTV.

Philo is a relatively cheaper live streaming service charging only $25 a month with options of over 60 channels to choose from.

Both streaming services have free trials for those who aren’t subscribed already. Hence you can watch Little People, Big World for free as well.



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