Everyone knows that to be a driving instructor you need nerves of steel and a lot of faith in learners’ abilities.

Now imagine keeping your cool with a celebrity in the driving seat and cameras everywhere. All Star Driving School sounds like a recipe for disaster!

So, before you get to the emergency stops and hill starts, you’ll need to pass the theory questions first: When is All Star Driving School on? Which channel shows it, and how long is it on for?

What Channel is All  Star Driving School?

All Star Driving School is an E4 show, so time to start flipping through your Freeview or cable channels if you don’t have it logged in your favourites already.

To catch the show each night you’ll need to be on these channels, and they all have +1 as well:

Sky – 135

Virgin Media – 112

Freeview – 28

When is All Star Driving School On? What Time?

This one’s safe to watch with the kids around, meaning the road rage must have been cut out.

All Star Driving School is on weeknights from 3rd – 21st September, at 7.30 pm every night.

It’s a 30-minute show, so you’ll be able to flip back to Corrie or Eastenders as needed.

When is the All Star Driving School Test?

The final episode of season 2 will air on Monday, September 21st, on E4, at 9 pm.

Here, Tallia Storm and Hollyoaks’ Ruby O’Donnell will face their fears and take on the final driving test.

Season 2: Who Are the All Star Driving School Celebs?

Mikey North from Corrie, Arg from TOWIE, Tristan from the Vamps and many others will be getting behind the wheel.

But will they be getting rid of their L plates anytime soon?

Only a few 33-point turns will tell.

Who Are the All Star Driving Instructors?

Maxine, Ricky and Pells are all back from All Star Driving School series 1, so you’ll have some familiar faces.

The instructors certainly have their work cut out with these celebs and last season brought a lot of complaints about dodgy driving.

Err, isn’t that the point of learning to drive?