The Circle is a brand new Channel 4 reality TV show with a huge emphasis on social media.

Known simply as ‘The Game’, the hype for this so-called Black Mirror-style series is hotting up.

Which channel is The Circle? What time is The Circle? What the hell is it actually about?

The Circle: What Channel?

Channel 4 is the production giants bringing yet another new reality TV show to our screens.

That means you can catch up on any missed episodes via the All4 player.

Oh, and since the show is based around social media, you’ll want to keep an eye on Twitter and Instagram too.

Look for @c4TheCircle on both.

The Circle: What Time?

The Circle starts on Tuesday 18th September.

The show time is 9:15 pm.

Then, on the 19th, 20th, and 21st, the show will air at 10 pm.

What is The Circle About?

Contestants move into their own apartments within the same block of London flats.

Each contestant must then record their life inside the apartment on a special social media app called The Circle.

The contestants will interact via The Circle and like one others content.

The person who gets the most likes on the social media platform over the series will win £50,000. The aim of the game is to portray a ‘winning lifestyle’ to total strangers!

Who Are the Hosts of The Circle?

Maya Jama is The Circle host, who you may recognise from a bunch of other shows or her Radio 1 hosting gig.

She’s joined by Alice Levine – podcaster, comedy writer and also a Radio 1 presenter.