What time is First Dates Hotel on? What channel?

There’s not been much fanfare but First Dates Hotel is on its way back for series 3!

Potential couples have their first dates, only this time it’s at a swanky Italian hotel.

So for this third time out, let’s refresh on everything you need to know to catch the First Dates Hotel action.

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What’s the Difference Between First Dates and First Dates Hotel?

It’s the same basic premise – people who’ve never met before going on a first date.

The difference is that they’re flown out to Italy to have the date.

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If they hit it off, the lucky daters get an additional night in their fancy hotel. If not, the unlucky-in-love duo are sent home.


When Does First Dates Hotel Finish?

Series 3 premiered on Tuesday 28th August, following the new series of Great British Bake Off.

First Dates Hotel series 3 has now finished, however, with the last episode airing on Tuesday, October 9th.


What Time Was First Dates Hotel?

The show aired at 9.15 pm on Tuesdays.

And if you’re wondering why not 9 pm like most shows, it’s because it comes right after Great British Bake Off. That show needs a full hour format, but since it moved channels it needs time for the ad breaks as well.

First Dates Hotel: What Channel?

It is, of course, on Channel 4. Just like the first two series.

You should be able to find this one without the channel numbers, but in case you’re out and about on a Tuesday, rest assured that you can catch up through the All4 service – on your internet browser or on the mobile app.




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