Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders have had a strong relationship, but fans wonder if they are still together. Here’s a look at who is Chase dating in 2021.

Chrisley Knows Best fans have been trying to understand if things are fine between Chase and Emmy. Everyone thought they were meant for each other, but their recent social media activities hint they may not be looking good in their relationship.

Are Chase Chrisley and Emmy still together?

Fans have been smelling trouble in paradise ever since Chase and Emmy deleted all the traces of their relationship from social media. Previously, the pair had shared pictures of each other. However, they are no longer available.

To make things more suspicious, Emmy and Chase no longer follow each other on social media. Fans thought this was a sign that the pair might have broken up. However, neither Chase nor Emmy have commented on their relationship.

The two have not revealed where they stand in the relationship. Despite this, due to the signs that are in front of everyone, fans think Chase and Emmy might have ended their relationship.

Who is Chase Chrisley dating in 2021?

As of now, the only relationship of Chase that has been in the spotlight is with Emmy. However, the status of their relationship remains uncertain. Throughout the show, fans have gotten a chance to see the good and bad side of Emmy and Chase’s relationship.

Some thought Emmy was quite similar to Julie Chrisley. Due to this, they thought Emmy and Chase would one day get married. However, not everything was a fairytale in their relationship.

Those who have been keeping up with the show noticed that the pair did have their share of problems. Despite this, fans always hoped things would work out between the two.

As of now, it is hard to say where Chase or Emmy’s relationship stands or if he is dating anyone new.

Fans might have to wait for the two to break their silence and shed more light on what is happening in their relationship.

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