90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After couple Yara and Jovi’s relationship has been on rocky grounds this season but are they still together in 2022 amid the recent drama?

Yara and Jovi are one the most popular 90 Day couples. We first met the couple in 90 Day Fiance season 8. Since then the couple has come a long way.

They tied the knot in 2020 and had their first baby Mylah, the very same year. However, their relationship hasn’t been the smoothest. Most recently on the show, Yara expressed her desire to stay in Europe while Jovi expressed that he wanted a second baby.

Given that the couple’s future plans look very different, fans are curious to know if they make it out of the Happily Ever After season 8 together.

Are Jovi and Yara still together in 2022?

Yes, Jovi and Yara are still a couple.

Despite their dramatic storyline this season, the two still regularly post pictures with one another on Instagram.

Jovi’s profile pic on Instagram is a picture of him and Yara will Mylah in the pram.

On December 10th he also posted a throwback picture of himself, Yara, and Mylah from their previous year’s Christmas celebration.

“Christmas throwback. Crazy to see how much Mylah has changed during this time,” he wrote in the caption.

Moreover, on December 3, the TLC star posted a picture of his adorable little family from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, where they shot parts of the current season.

In the caption, he jokingly writes, “Mylah telling her Mom she wants a sibling.”

Yara, on the other hand, posted an ad for FanDuel Casino starring Jovi recently.

She also posted a picture with Jovi and Mylah as the family of three travels through Europe in 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 8.

90 Day Fiance’s Jovi wants to have a second baby with Yara

In the December 3 episode of Happily Ever After, Jovi expresses that he feels like his opinions don’t matter to Yara.

He expresses his disappointment over Yara’s desire to stay in Europe for longer in the confessional.

As the couple and their baby daughter Mylah take a walk through the scenic Bavarian town, Jovi floats the idea of having a second baby.

“I was wondering if you wanna come back home. How do you think you would feel about us having another baby?” he asks.

Yara looks at him dumbfounded.

“I don’t wanna wait forever like don’t want to be an old dad,” Jovi says in his confessional. He also expresses that “Maybe a child could strengthen our relationship. If Yara got pregnant again it could bring us closer.”

Yara refuses Jovi’s proposal saying, “No because I will be the person who’ll raise them, You are always at work.”

In her confessional, the 90 Day alum says that she doesn’t want to have another child for at least the next four years.

She further points out, “I Just start to making my way in work and doing stuff.”

A frustrated Yara also accuses Jovi of wanting another baby so he can “control” her more. She calls raising two babies a “super hard job.”

Fans weigh in on the couple’s situation

Under Yara and Jovi’s clip discussing having a second baby, many fans commented weighing in on Jovi’s idea of having another child could strengthen their relationship.

“Yep, kids fix everything,” a fan sarcastically wrote with a face-palm emoji.

“Absolutely not! Solve your problems with each other before you even consider having another baby,” a second fan advised.

“Lol so wrong if anything adding kids will make the situation more difficult,” a third one said.



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