Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campell entered season four of Love Island USA in the hopes to find true love. Lucky for them, despite a few ups and downs, they left the villa hand-in-hand. But are they still together? Let’s find out.

After the reality dating series became a phenomenon in the United Kingdom, the series expanded to the United States.

Season four of Love Island had hot singletons aiming to reach the finale of the show as a couple to bag the $100,000 cash prize. Although only one couple is declared the winner, the popularity of the contestants has led several to become social media stars.

Isaiah, who was looking for the Kardashian-type of love like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, found his true match with Sydney. But are Love Island USA’s Sydney and Isaiah still together today?

Who are Sydney and Isaiah from Love Island USA?

Sydney, 23, entered the villa as an operations manager for a tech startup business from Houston. The youngster hoped to find someone direct with her and immediately locked her eyes on Isaiah after the two got paired on the first day.

A year younger than her, Isaiah still managed to impress her with his quirky attitude and bad-boy look. From Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the star’s initial interest was in Phoebe Siegal.

Despite Sydney’s spark with Andy Voyen, destiny brought her to Isaiah, and vice-versa. Over the weeks, they became a tight pair until the end of the series.

Are Sydney and Isaiah from Love Island still together?

Yes, Sydney and Isaiah are still together.

Their journey in Love Island was quite a wild one, with lots of disagreements in between – but what’s love without a bit of drama?

Despite viewers’ uncertainty about Sydney and Isaiah’s future together, the pair is one of the few couples who have kept their romance outside of the show.

Five months later, Sydney and Isaiah are still going strong and gushing about their relationship on their respective social media accounts.

Recently, Sydney created a YouTube channel. Her most recent video featured Isaiah doing her makeup.

Who were the winners of Season 4 of Love Island USA?

The beloved couple landed in third place, behind Zeta and Timmy as runner-ups and the winners of the season, Deb and Jesse.

Nonetheless, Sydney and Isaiah’s popularity continued to rise outside the show, as fans were rooting for the couple’s future.

Though Sydney and Isaiah didn’t win the series, they became one of the most popular couples in the show.



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