Summer might be over, but the Bachelor in Paradise cast are heading off to the beaches of Mexico for a second chance in finding love. Fans have already placed their bets on Serene and Brandon.

Two contestants hoping for another shot at love are Serene Russell from Clayton’s season and Brandon Jones from Michelle’s season.

Love in the Mexican islands seems to have taken effect, as Brandon and Serene started strong. Viewers have already seen them share their first kiss. After confessing they were attracted to each other, the two singles wasted no time.

And of course, the fans are here for it.

It’s a fresher take on ‘actual’ couples connecting compared to the drama unfolding between Romeo, Jill and Brittany.

Brandon and Serene’s first impressions

During the promo for season eight of Bachelor in Paradise, Brandon seems to have set his eyes on Serene. The 28-year-old described her “absolutely, insanely beautiful” and wanted to get to know her.

Brandon and Serene are off to a good start after breaking the ice. The teaser includes the two laughing with each other and some flirtatious moments.

While things are looking good for the two, fans will have to wait and see what the future episodes will hold for the two.

Fans think they’re ‘endgame’

Just like Teddi and Genevieve saw an instant connection between them, viewers are also rooting for Brandon and Serene’s relationship to progress.

As the episode continued, other viewers were shocked by their instant chemistry. Others couldn’t believe they hadn’t met before.

Knowing Bachelor in Paradise was filmed months before the release date, fans noted the two still follow each other on social media, suggesting a strong ending for the favorite duo.

Michelle left Brandon heartbroken at the finale

Like the dozens of boys fighting to win Bachelorette star Michelle Young’s heart, Brandon seemed to be at the top of her list. However, the young bachelor was left heartbroken after she decided to send him home during the final episode.

After he admitted having fallen in love with Michelle and wanting to “support her no matter who she chose in the end”, Michelle decided to send him home.

To express his feelings, Brandon gave her a gift and a letter. Despite their chemistry, she had chosen to be with Nayte Olukoya.

Although his heart was “on the floor, just in f****** pieces”, Brandon accepted his rejection and wished her “happiness”.

Will this be the chance for Brandon and Serene to leave together on Bachelor in Paradise?



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