Bachelorette fans call for Nate to be named Bachelor if romance fails with Gabby


Bachelorette fans call for Nate to be named Bachelor if romance fails with Gabby

The Bachelorette fans are gushing over hopeful Nate Mitchell so much, they want him to be able to find love on The Bachelor if it doesn’t work out with Gabby.

Season 19 of The Bachelorette has come down to the wire for Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey. Both ladies are on a quest to find their potential partner.

In the case of Gabby, Nate Mitchell became her first one-on-one date. After a successful time and a first kiss, the Chicago native has been winning her over day by day. However, drama on Rachel’s side and rejections make it harder for her to find romance.

Au revoir, Paris and Salut, Bruges!

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Though Gabby seems set with her men, Rachel hasn’t had the best of luck. After facing rejections, the 25-year-old is ready for a “fresh start” with her current candidates. As the two girls have their French romances in the capital, The Bachelorettes are not taking things over to Bruges, Belgium.

Tino, Zach, Meatball, Ethan, and Tyler are currently fighting to win over Rachel. Meanwhile, Logan reveals to his Bachelorette that despite enjoying his time with her, he felt a “stronger” connection to Gabby despite not receiving a rose from her.

Logan later dropped the bombshell of having “feelings for Gabby”, to which Rachel decides to send him out by pointing him to the door. During the confessionary, the Bachelorette breaks down in tears saying, “Something’s clearly wrong with me. This is supposed to be, like, my time to, like, find someone, and everyone’s rejected me week after week after week.”

Logan then shoots his shot at Gabby, but nothing else will happen between the two before the Bachelorettes have a girl talk. Despite all the drama, Tyler decides to console Rachel during their one-on-one, and ending up kissing each other.

On the other hand, Gabby goes on a daytime date with her men but ends up spending quality time with Nate who currently stands in her number one spot.

Gabby and Nate’s beginnings

Screenshot from Bachelor Nation’s YouTube Channel: Gabby Takes Nate on Her First One-on-One Date as the Bachelorette

“A lot of who you are resonates with me.” – Remember the iconic Nate line?

In last week’s episode, Gabby and Nate had another very romantic date. Their chemistry became obvious to fans, as they felt a strong connection between the two. At the beginning they were able to get to know more about each other on a more personal level. This is something that Gabby has yet to do with his other candidates.

Even though Gabby has begun to have feelings for Nate, the Bachelorette has already her eyes on other guys. In the rose ceremony, the 31-year-old handed a rose to Erich, Jason, Johnny, Michael, Mario, and of course, Nate.

As the two have more dates together, it viewers feel the two are perfect for each other – and Nate believes that, as well.

Fans request Nate as the next Bachelor

Five episodes on, the relationship between Gabby and contestant Nate. As the competition gets harder with each day passing by, Nate has already made a stop on Gabby’s heart.

Viewers have already given their opinions on the potential couple, already rooting for the two to end up together. Other fans requested him to become the next Bachelor, in the case of Gabby deciding to eliminate him, or choosing another contestant over him.



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