Anne Moore has described herself as a “professional clout chaser” and it’s clear to see on Baddies South that her income is only on the up. She works as a social media influencer, but just how much is she pocketing?

Fans have told her that “she’ll do anything to get famous” but the truth is, her net worth is on the rise after appearing on the reality TV show. She’s grateful for her career too and always says she’s blessed and “highly favored“.

Pop music is the star’s true passion, but she often makes an income from social media and her reality TV salary. Her recent post involved the star showing followers how she brushes her tongue…

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Anne Moore’s net worth

Anne’s net worth is estimated at $350K, as per Popular Net Worth. She has accumulated most of her wealth from social media brand deals and now earning a salary from The Zeus Network for her Baddies South appearance.

She revealed on the show that she has made $3 million from posting content on video streaming app Only Fans, but received some backlash from fans when she called her co-star Bri an escort.

After a video of her shaking her boobs went viral, Anne became well-known on the internet. Although her initial fame came from social media, she has been a lot less active but revealed her exclusive content is now on Link Me.

The Zeus Network is said to pay its stars around $50K, but salaries tend to depend on the show. Anne is also an entrepreneur, having started her own clothing brand and make-up business, but is concentrating on her singing career.

The Baddies South star’s job

With almost two million followers on Instagram, Anne has racked up a huge fandom on social media. However, her previous photo-filled page – which had 160 images – has now whittled down to just five posts.

Since Baddies South began airing, Anne made the decision to keep her content strictly to promo only, but added just one personal video of her brushing her tongue recently – which left followers baffled.

She developed an interest in acting at a young age and began practicing her skills while in elementary school. However, the reality star later developed an interest in rap music and began fantasizing about becoming a rapper.

Her Zeus co-stars’ net worth

Anne’s co-stars are just as successful as her, with Sashanna “Slim” McLaurin garnering a net worth of just under $400L as of 2022, as per Gossip Next Door. Show newbie Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan has over $500K to her name!

Stars Offline reports that fan favorite Chrisean Rock is worth $300K, just under Anne. Alongside the star’s income from The Zeus Network, Anne has said that she is currently “building up her fan base” at the moment.

With over 7K subscribers on YouTube, she has a song soon to be released called Broken Baby. She has occasionally gotten into fights with her fellow cast members over their job roles, with her accusing them of being “escorts”.



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