Baddies West’s Gia ‘Rollie’ Mayham is sharing her lipo journey with her fans and followers in 2023. The Zeus Network star is set to undergo a full-body transformation and for some of the procedures, she is awake.

Baddies South saw Rollie catapulted to further fame after her appearance on The Jerry Springer Show. After Baddies South and Baddies West, she’s set to be a pre-screen judge on Baddies East which is yet to come out.

By the time fans see Rollie on The Zeus Network show, she may look entirely different. So, let’s take a look at what she’s having done.

Rollie attends ZEUS Network BADDIES SOUTH Houston Premiere wearing pink dress holding hands beside her face
Photo by Arnold Turner/Getty Images for The ZEUS Network

Baddies West’s Rollie undergoes lipo

Gia ‘Rollie’ Mayham has been dubbed “tough” by many of her followers and fans after a video of her getting chin lipo was posted to Twitter.

The Baddies West star is having her surgeries documented by The Zeus Network.

The network tweeted: “We love and applaud her transparency and bravery through the process!!”

Rollie is set for full-body surgery

Taking to Instagram on May 15, Rollie explained that she’s getting Flexsculpt liposuction as well as a BBL.

She’s having the surgery carried out by Goals Plastic Surgery.

Speaking of what she was set to have done, she said the main three things she wants to “lose” is her “belly, back and arms.”

Rollie added that she “loves” her thighs and that she’s been taking ‘weight loss shots’ ahead of the procedures.

Fans hope for a speedy recovery

As Rollie’s procedures are being documented on social media, some fans have expressed their concerns over her getting the cosmetic work done.

Some tweeted their concerns over her having a chemical face peel procedure carried out before the cosmetic work.

However, one person wrote: “I’m so proud of Rollie very excited for her results”

Zeus Network star Rollie also took to Instagram Stories to clear up any confusion over what she was getting done.

She explained that she’s getting her “back done” in two months, and her arms, breast reduction, and tummy tuck six months later.

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