Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas have become one of the favorite hosts on HGTV with their show Bargain Blocks. Here’s a look at if Keith and Evan are married as we take a deep dive into their relationship.

Evan and Keith have often kept their relationship private while only letting their professional side be seen on the show. However, that is not the case with their social media. Evan and Keith have often shared pictures from their trips on social media. Here’s a look at their relationship so far.

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Are Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas dating?

Yes, Keith and Evan have been dating. In 2019 the pair celebrated their six-year anniversary. Keith even shared a picture of them together on Instagram and wrote: “Six years flew by. Glad we found each other.”

The pair previously lived in Denver, Colorado, and in 2017, they decided to move to Detroit. It is unclear how the pair first met. Keith’s social media also hints that the pair loves to spend time outdoors.

Along with their private life, the pair sure does have their professional life sorted as well. The show allows viewers to see how Keith and Evan manage to come on the same page while making important decisions.

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Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas’ work explored

Apart from coming on a reality show together, the pair also own their business called ‘Nine Design + Homes.’ Evan has a Bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. After graduating, he decided to move to Detroit to start the business with Keith.

Ever since then, the pair have been working together. Evan’s analytical and research experience helps the business grow and understand the market better. At the same time, it has helped the couple with cost savings on home construction.

Meanwhile, Keith always had his eyes on business. He started his first business at the age of 14. He went on to sell it and start another company. Keith found his love and interest in bringing forgotten and abandoned homes back to life.

This gave him the idea for his next business. With his creative mind and Evan’s analytical one, the pair have managed to conquer the world of renovation.

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