Matt Klotz’s height is on Big Brother fans’ minds. Matt Klotz is best known for swimming in the Olympics, and it’s no wonder he’s hailed, as “tall, dark, handsome, and athletic.” So how tall is he?

Freestyle and backstroke swimming are his specialties and have been since he attended high school, LSU Athletics. Matt Klotz is now trying to win Big Brother, but the whole height situation may not have as much impact as it does in the Olympics. We’ve got all the details on his measurements…

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Matt Klotz’s height

Matt Klotz’s height is 6ft 2in. Now 27 years old, he had already reached his height as a senior at LSU Athletics. Even before going there, Matt Klotz was a swimming success. He already held three deaf world records in the 50m, 100m, and 200m backstroke.

His tallness explains why Matt closed out his LSU career with the third fastest time in school history in the 50 Freestyle! The contestant isn’t just reaching heights physically but is quickly becoming viewers’ favorite to win. When he had the chance to compete for the Power of Invincibility and won, he kept Jag safe.

Matt’s Olympic swimming career

Matt Klotz is known for swimming in the Deaf Olympics. He swims for LSU Swim and has made five deaf world records, is a ten-time gold medallist, and is a 2024 Olympic trainee.

The Los Angeles-based Hungarian and American swimmer represents the United States at the Deaflympics and other international events including the Deaf World Championships.

He grew to fame at the 2013 Summer Deaflympics held in Bulgaria, claiming two gold medals in 100m backstroke and in 200m backstroke events, with a bronze in the 400m individual medley category.

‘Tall, dark, handsome and athletic’

Big Brother fans call Matt Klotz “tall, dark, handsome, and athletic” as he stars on the show. He already has many invested in his romance with Reilly. A fan said, “So handsome. Reilly is such a lucky woman.”

Reilly was evicted unanimously recently. She told US Weekly, “We’ll have to see when he gets out of the house where that goes. Right now, I can think of him as a really wonderful friend regardless.”

A fellow fan penned: “My favorite player!! 👏 I want to see him and Reilly hook up!! They’re perfect for each other ❤️.” Matt is also making history as the show’s first deaf contestant.


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