Big Brother’s Jared used the R-word but what is the word he used on Big Brother 25 and why do fans think it goes against the show’s code of conduct? Jared apologized for his “slip-up.” However, it didn’t come without severe backlash from his fellow houseguests.

Just weeks ago, Luke Valentine used an offensive slur and was kicked off the CBS show. Now, Jared Fields has used an offensive slur that has viewers calling for him to be removed. He has since apologized to Cory for using the derogatory word to describe America Lopez, calling it a “slip up” in the HOH Room.

Big Brother 25
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Big Brother Jared uses offensive word

Big Brother’s Jared used the r-word, which is “a word for a person with a learning disability (= a condition that can have an effect on someone’s ability to learn easily), which was used by doctors in the past but is now extremely offensive” and derogatory. He used the word to describe fellow houseguest, America Lopez.

Jared confronted Cory Wurtenberger while Izzy Gleicher was there. “I don’t think she’s (America) the R-word. I slipped up. I’m sorry about that,” Jared said to Cory.

He said he’s “obviously angry” and “willing to admit that.” Jared added, “At the end of the day, I need you to see where I’m coming from. The moment somebody does not choose to benefit my game…”

What is Big Brother’s code of conduct?

Matt Turner from Big Brother 24 posted part of the Code of Conduct by CBS for the feeds. In the Code of Conduct, using negative speech or slurs against people with a disability is forbidden.

When Luke Valentine used a racial slur, CBS wrote: “Luke violated the Big Brother code of conduct and there is zero tolerance in the house for using a racial slur. He has been removed from the house.”

Other rules are that they shall have no contact with the outside world while housemates must wear microphone lapels at all times, except when swimming or sleeping.

GRV Media and Reality Titbit have contacted CBS for comment.

Fans want Jared to be removed

One viewer said: “@CBSBigBrother where is the energy for the r-word? It’s unacceptable.” Another penned: “He did, why is he still in the house? That’s against BB rules. Jared go home!”

“He should be removed from the house,” reacted a fellow fan after seeing Jared on Big Brother 25 reference the R-word during a recent episode.

One fan wrote: “@CBSBigBrother Please inform production that this is an ableist slur, and therefore it is against the established Code of Conduct.”


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