Duane Ollinger took to Instagram to ask Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch fans about a warning he received. He has been accused of giving out false information by independent parties, so what’s really going on?

Blind Frog Ranch cast member Duane is pretty active on social media, whether he’s casually looking through the forest or finding some unusual footprints in the mud. The show is based in eastern Utah, which is rumored to be cursed.

Even when Duane isn’t busy filming the popular docuseries, he’s often sharing his findings on Instagram. However, he took to the platform to reveal several “parties” had accused him of providing false information.

Duane Ollinger shares new Instagram

Duane took to Instagram to reveal a warning which claimed a post was “partly false information,” according to independent fact-checkers. It added: “It will include a notice saying it is partly false. Are you sure you want to share?”

The Blind Frog Ranch star asked fans if they have any ideas on what the warning actually means. He wrote in the comments: “Maybe now they’re covering their a**, maybe because of some [thing] coming 🤔.”

A statement at the bottom of the warning says:

Supreme Court has NOT ruled that ‘the covid-19 pathogen is not a vaccine, is unsafe.’

Duane didn’t reveal what post the covid-19 warning came from, while the rest of the information was not shown in the upload. He received at least 28 likes on the Instagram photo, and several left comments giving their insight.

Fact-checker Lead Stories: Explained

Lead Stories is a web-based fact-checking platform that identifies false or misleading stories, rumors, and conspiracies by using its Trendolizer technology. It works as a debunking website of big data and journalism that launched in 2015.

It is the fact checker who claims the post that Duane is referring to is not completely true. Lead Stories works to identify trending content that is then fact-checked by their team of journalists.

Blind Frog Ranch fans react to the post

One fan wrote in the comments of the post: “Too much to breakdown.”

Another penned: “The left is trying to protect their agenda.” Other Blind Frog Ranch fans agreed, with one responding to Duane’s post: “Means your fact-checkers aren’t actual fact-checkers, that’s what it means.

“A load of BS by the democrats to continually try and scare people,” reacted a fellow follower.

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Posted by Blind Frog Ranch Outpost & Tours on Tuesday, February 21, 2023


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