Bling Empire star Kane Lim is listed on The Oppenheim Group website, leaving viewers wondering if he’s joining the cast.

Each season, Selling Sunset welcomes new agents to join the Los Angeles brokerage. Season 5 brought Chelsea Lazkani to our screens, who promised to lead “the laughs, the lux, the drama.”

With recent rumours that Christine has left the show, there could be room for another member of the group. Reality Titbit have explored Kane Lim’s connection to the hit Netflix show, and if we will be seeing him at The Oppenheim Group anytime soon.

Selling The OC | Official Teaser | Netflix

Selling The OC | Official Teaser | Netflix

Although Kane Lim works as a developer and agent at The Oppenheim Group, he hasn’t confirmed that he will be featuring on the show as an agent. However, the Netflix star does a lot for the brokerage behind the scenes, so we could potentially see him on the show in the future.

Kane recently co-listed a house with Selling Sunset icon Chrishell Stause. The pair worked together to sell a home on Mount Washington that went on the market for 1.88 million.

The house’s qualities will definitely sell themselves, with 8000 sq ft of land, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a Japanese backyard.

Selling Sunset and Bling Empire crossover

Now that fans have learnt Kane’s connection to Selling Sunset, many are hoping for a crossover with Bling Empire. With the rising success of both the Netflix shows, we don’t think it sounds like a bad idea.

One viewer wrote: “desperately need a Selling Sunset x Bling Empire crossover episode like could you imagine a Christine and Christine interaction? need to see that”. Another said: “We need a selling sunset bling empire cross over episode where one of them sells a bling empire person a house come on we need this!!”

Kane doesn’t want to be the villain

If Christine really is leaving the brokerage, this means one thing and one thing only. The show would 100% be in need of a new villain.

Although viewers have been questioning if Kane will fill this role, he has confirmed he won’t be the villain. He told TMZ:

“No I’m not really a villain. I don’t think that Twitter is saying that right now. But like for me I’m always wanting to help people on the show, I’m always, you know, talking about my insecurities as well. I don’t think I want to play the villain because I’m not good with drama. In fact, as you say like I don’t have to do this show, and the fact I’m on it with all these like really powerful cast members, it’s not easy sometimes, and sometimes after we shoot I’m like okay guys I’m not talking to you guys till we meet”



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