Blue Kim’s tattoo on Big Brother 25 was blurred. Although it was not shown in the recent CBS episode, the first ep appeared to reveal the ink clearly. So what was the ‘offensive’ ink on Blue’s upper arm?

Big Brother is constantly watched, whether on the live TV show or during the BB25 live feed. During the August 20 episode, viewers were eager to find out what Blue Kim’s tattoo is. We’ve got the scoop…

Big Brother 25
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Blue’s tattoo on Big Brother

Blue’s tattoo on Big Brother was blurred during the August 20 episode. During her promo pics, her hair covered most of her ink, but you can briefly see the outline of the same tattoo on her upper arm.

The ink that was blurred is of a woman with blood coming from her eyes in the shape of a heart. But the same tattoo was clearly visible during the game, which showed a very clear shot with no blur.

Big Brother 25 contestant Matt Klotz has a significant tattoo on his upper back that combines the Deaflympics logo with the Olympic rings, which was covered by a bandage.

‘Blurred’ due to ‘permission’ rights

Although Big Brother 25 producers have not revealed why they blurred Blue’s tattoo, fans think it’s due to copyright issues or simply so that the ink “does not offend anyone” as it’s a family show.

This comes down to her ink being clearly shown in the live feeds, but not on TV. A Reddit user revealed: “Tattoos are artwork we have to get permission to use on TV. Clearing them gets hard.”

The fan, who gets permission for tattoos to be shown for a living, added: “It is usually because they have to clear the tattoo with the artist that created it. Since it is a slog to do that, they just blur it out.”

She has 33 tattoos on her body

Blue Kim on Big Brother revealed that she is “unique” and has 33 tattoos during her introduction clip. She has a cherry on her lower arm as well as the outline of a person on her opposite arm.

She also has a red heart on her thigh and a pair of heeled boots underneath the tattoo of a woman with bleeding heart eyes. In another piece of ink, Blue has a starry heart pattern on the side of her hand.

Blue’s pictures show she has a wave near her bikini line, as well as a patterned rectangular shape with red flames coming out of it on her lower arm.


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