Who is Bobby Hundreds from The Hype? Designer’s career, age and IG

Who is Bobby Hundreds from The Hype? Designer’s career, age and IG

The Hype is a brand new competition series to HBO Max in 2021. Judges Offsett, Marni Senofonte and Bephie Birkett are ready to find the next big thing in the streetwear industry.

The HBO Max series kicked off on August 12th, 2021. As well as the judges being big names in the industry, The Hype also features some huge guest judges during the series including Wiz Khalifa and Cardi B. Bobby Hundreds is another guest judge to appear on The Hype, so let’s find out more about the iconic designer…

Screenshot: The Hype | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Who is Bobby Hundreds?

The Hype sees a group of talented streetwear designers ready to battle it out to bag themselves a co-signature from one of the judges as well as a $150,000 prize.

Helping the staple judges make their decisions, Bobby Hundreds also appears on the HBO series.

Bobby is a designer, author, illustrator and one of the two designers who created The Hundreds brand.

He was born ‘Bobby Kim’ in Los Angeles, California on March 27th, 1981. He’s 40 years old in 2021.

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When did Bobby decide to be a designer?

Born to Korean parents, speaking to Complex in 2017 Bobby said that his parents “could tell from an early age that all he cared about was drawing, art, design, clothing and cool culture. They were always very adamant that there was no future for me in that…

He added that they said he should find a “more professional stable career“.

He was always told that he’d never make money off art. So, he went to law school and studied at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles from 2002 to 2005 as per LinkedIn.

While at law school, he met Ben Shenassafar and he and Ben launched The Hundreds in 2003.

The Hype | Official Trailer | HBO Max

The Hype | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Bobby Hundreds’ net worth explored

Bobby Hundreds’ net worth is estimated at around $6m in 2021.

According to Wealthy Persons, his net worth is nearer $8m, while The Wealth Record reports that Bobby is worth $6m.

The Hundreds has an Instagram following of 629k followers @thehundreds.

Speaking to Complex in 2017, Bobby said: “I have enough money, I don’t have a lot of money but I have enough money, I have a house that’s decent, I have a car and that’s it.



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