Brandon and Serene are one of Bachelor in Paradise season 8’s most loved couples but they didn’t get married despite their fairy tale romance on the ABC show.

The 2022 season of Bachelor In Paradise is coming to an end with the two-part finale airing on Monday, November 21, and Tuesday, November 22.

This season of the show was full of drama, love triangles, and heartbreaks. However, one couple that survived through it all is Brandon and Serene. The pair got very little screen time, but they still have the whole Bachelor Franchise fandom rooting for them.

***Warning: Bachelor In Paradise spoilers ahead***

Brandon and Serene’s fairytale romance on Bachelor In Paradise

Brandon Jones, 28, is a traveling nurse recruiter, while Serene, 27, is an elementary school teacher.

Despite their professions being vastly different from one another, the couple hit it off almost immediately upon arriving on the beach.

Early on, Serene was interested in Rodney Mathews, but she decided to pursue Brandon after getting to know him.

They got together instantly after forming a connection on the beach and the I Love Yous came pretty fast too. Many fans think they are a match made in heaven. They also picked each other in every rose ceremony.

A major twist came when the men and women were split off for a week. The women went to a hotel where they met new men as a new set of ladies entered the beach.

“Each day felt like a year and I was losing it. She was my go-to if I was feeling some type of way; she would always make me feel better,” Brandon spoke of their time apart on Click Bait With Bachelor Nation podcast (per Cheatsheet).

The duo did not pursue anyone new and came back to each other after the twist ended.

While the rest of the cast indulged in drama, the two just cuddled together at their napping spot.

Couple is engaged but not yet married

Much to the joy of fans, Brandon and Serene do get engaged on Bachelor In Paradise season 8.

Reality Steve notes that the couple got engaged on the show and are still engaged even at the reunion. In a tweet, the blogger notes: “On the final day, Jesse told them he was ordained and asked them if they wanted to get married right there.”

He reports that the season ends on a cliffhanger and at the reunion, Brandon and Serene reveal they are still engaged and not married. He also notes that the couple was gifted a trip to Hawaii.

Fans think Brandon and Serene are the ‘real deal’

Fans are rooting hard for the reality couple.

“Brandon and Serene are the real deal,” one fan wrote with teary eyes emoji.

“Brandon and Serene were literally created for each other,” a second fan wrote.

“That’s how love is supposed to feel. Brandon and Serene are so genuine,” noted another viewer.

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A Film by Jonah Hill “Stutz” | Official Trailer | Netflix
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