Brittany Renner's parents' roots make her an African-American beauty
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Brittany Renner's parents' roots make her an African-American beauty

When Brittany Renner hosted the Joseline’s Cabaret reunion, many fans had questions about her ethnicity and who her parents are. The mom, whose baby daddy is Charlotte Hornets player PJ Washington, has mixed roots.

Known as an author, the Zeus host is a well-known fitness model who welcomed a child with PJ in early 2021. They are no longer together, but she has recently channelled her focus into picking apart drama on Joseline Hernandez‘s show.

Brittany has worked many jobs in her time, from being a caregiver, a sales girl, and a Zumba instructor, to her current career as a social media influencer and reality TV personality.

So, just who are the host’s parents and what is her ethnicity? Plus, we looked into her previous relationship and just how she ended up splitting from the father of her young child.

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Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas Reunion | Official Trailer | Zeus

Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas Reunion | Official Trailer | Zeus

Meet Brittany Renner’s parents

Brittany Renner’s parents are Stevie J and Jodie Renne. She is thought to have been raised by her grandparents while growing up, and is the sister to two siblings Lexie and Steven.

From Mansfield, Ohio, her mother Jodie now lives in Fort Worth, Texas and is around 50 years old. She often posts pictures of her grandson, Brittany’s child, on her Facebook page.

Born in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, USA, Brittany moved back in with her parents with her newborn, shortly after her split from PJ, but has since moved into her own place in Charlotte.

Joseline’s Cabaret: The host’s ethnicity

Brittany is of mixed ethnicity, as her father is African and her mother is American. She was raised in the USA and appears to be incredibly close to her mom, who moved to Charlotte – where Brittany lives – in 2020.

Many have also questioned if Brittany has a twin, as singer Mariah the Scientist has a similar resemblance to her. However, Mariah has officially denied these rumors and wrote on Twitter:

I’m going to say this one time. Me and Brittany Renner are not the same person nor are we related.

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Who is Brittany’s baby daddy?

PJ Washington is Brittany’s baby daddy, who she split from last year shortly after their son was born. She is now on the search for a ‘stepdaddy’ as she revealed on Instagram, and said in a video:

Hey yall, hi! It’s officially stepdaddy season! Yeah, what up? I got the car seat in the back, let’s go to the park! Don’t let your baby daddy or baby mama block your blessings. I know in theory it sounds good, keeping the same person to have kids with but that’s insanity as well. So if it doesn’t work out with them, it will work out with someone else.

Rumor has it that PJ is paying Brittany $200K a month for the next 18 years in child support payment. However, the Charlotte Hornets power forward recently posted on Twitter: “Stop the cap.”

Their relationship first started back in 2019 when Washington played for the Kentucky Wildcats.



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