Baddies West’s most recent episode gave viewers an insight into the Instagram live fight where Chrisean Rock slapped executive producer Natalie Nunn. The incident took place in December, with eagle-eyed viewers catching it live in action in real-time.

It seems like Tommie Lee isn’t the only one Natalie Nunn has been fighting, as she and Chrisean have been butting heads since Baddies first aired.

We take a closer look into the fight between the two which recently aired on Baddies West, and what went down at the time.

Chrisean slaps Natalie on Live

In December, viewers saw the action before it played out on the Zeus Network show as Chrisean Rock slapped Natalie Nunn for ‘antagonizing’ her on Instagram Live.

From the start of the live, it seemed Chrisean was not in the mood to be played with as when asked what was wrong she said: “As soon as I feel disrespected, it’s annoying because I didn’t come here to fight.”

The rest of the Baddies West girls then tried to lighten the mood by singing the rapper’s song Vibe, however, it didn’t seem to do the trick.

Drama then continued and by the live, Chrisean Rock slapped Natalie to get the executive producer’s attention as she ‘was talking to her.’

Of course, the drama didn’t stop there.

The drama continued after the ‘slap’

Of course, the slap quickly got Baddies West exec Natalie’s attention who began screaming at Chrisean asking why she slapped her like that, as the whole bus erupted. “Why you smacked me in my face like that… Why the f*** you smacked me in my face like that bro?” she screamed.

It seems as if the drama also continued online as soon after the altercation, the mom-to-be tweeted: “Tell me why I’m just dat person to just not give a f**k but if I gotta slap you I will respectfully will.”

Natalie also continued the fight online, taking to her Instagram stories at the time. In one of the posts she wrote: “Childish, even at 23.”

In another, she said: “U just f*****d up but made me some more f****** money.”

Baddies West fans weigh in on the fight

Of course, Baddies West fans shared their opinions on the slap on Twitter, and opinions seemed to be mixed. Some fans were on Chrisean’s side, whilst others were rooting for Natalie. Maybe the two should get in the ring like Tommie Lee to settle the drama once and for all.

One tweeted: “I like Chrisean but I feel like that Natalie slap was very unnecessary…Was Natalie supposed to stop the live to talk to her? #BaddiesWest”


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