Bachelor In Paradise star Danielle Maltby suffered the tragic loss of her fiance Nic Haag just over a decade before her stint on the show.

The reality star has opened up about the devastating events a few times over the years.

And as she becomes the latest love interest of Michael Allio, fans have become curious about her past again.

Tragic story of Danielle Maltby’s fiance

Neonatal nurse Danielle, from Nashville, Tennessee, was engaged to musician Nic when he tragically died from a drug overdose 11 years ago.

She had been the one to find him.

Sharing her story on Bachelor In Paradise, she said: “I found him, I did CPR, I called 911 – so there’s so much trauma around that situation.”

It happened in Wisconsin in 2011.

Danielle posted about Nic on her Instagram page in 2019.

She wrote: “This is someone I haven’t talked about publicly in a very long time. His name is Nic and he passed away 8 years ago today.

“Time is an incredible force. It’s so strange to look back at pictures of him and of us together. She feels like a ghost of someone I used to know, but she’s a part of me.

“I was a very different woman back then. The trauma of losing him that night, the broken months and year that followed, now feel like a small echo in my past.”

She went on: “These traumas happen all the time, to anyone. I still remember every detail of that night, from the pain in my knees when I fell on them to start CPR, to the cop who helped my mom get me into her car, to the pain, shock and fear on my dads face when my mom brought me home that night.

“I recognize it, it’s part of me, I’ll always carry it. I’m stronger for it. I remember the day I woke up and decided to heal. The day I decided to take my life back and live it.

“I made a lot of good moves and a handful of mistakes, but I think he’s proud of me and the self I stepped into. More important, I’m proud of me. I see who I was then, and I know the woman I am now.

“They’re both very different and I love them fiercely. Today, I want to celebrate the life that was the turning point in mine. Nic had plenty of demons, but he was insanely talented and brought joy and laughs to a lot of people. To this day I’ve never heard anyone play like him.”

She ended her post: “I know a lot of men and women have been through losses similar to mine. I want you to hear it from me, it’s not your fault. Addiction is a disease, and an incredibly difficult trial for people.

“But not impossible. I encourage any and everyone who is struggling with addiction or loves someone who is an addict, talk to someone. I love therapy. Try out an Al-Anon meeting, make this the day you take yourself to an AA meeting. You are strong enough and loved enough to ask for help.”

Danielle and Michael on their first date on Bachelor In Paradise
Danielle and Michael on their first date on Bachelor In Paradise | Credit: Bachelor Nation on ABC

Danielle shared her story on the show with Michael, who lost his wife Laura to cancer.

She said during their first date that she believes Nic would want her to be in a safe relationship.

Danielle also said she loves the person she’s become after working hard to heal herself over the years.

Danielle’s Bachelor journey

Danielle first appeared on The Bachelor in season 21 to compete for the heart of Nick Viall in 2017.

She was eliminated in week seven but later returned to the franchise in season 4 of Bachelor In Paradise.

She was only there until the second week of the show, and now she’s back for more in season 8.

Danielle has also dated Big Brother and Ex On The Beach star Paulie Calafiore.

She seems to have hit things off with Michael from the moment she joined season 8.

And the show’s bartender Wells Adams thinks they’re perfect together.

He told cameras Danielle was “the best person in the world”.

Speaking of her and Michael, he added: “They’re they same person, they should be together.”

While they’d never met in person before, they had connected on social media previously.

Danielle explained: “I lost my fiance about 11 years ago, and you had posted something – maybe it was an anniversary post or something – and I was like, ‘Hey, as someone from the franchise…we have some things in common if you ever need anyone to talk to’.”

She later confessed that the chance of meeting him was what made her do the show and they ended up sharing a kiss.



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